Confidence: we arrange the i

Uncertainty is like a cold: with whom did not happen? A high-pitched voice of uncertainty and just waiting to settle: «And what I had to say and do? And I was right?» No one will believe in you simply because you are. Criticism will overtake everyone in any place and at any time. But it’s not terrible: in the end, you have nothing to lose but a pleasant sense of self. What people don’t understand confidence?

1. Confident people just call themselves self-assured and confident to hide it

Between arrogance and confidence a big difference. The face is not as scary as it may seem. Confidence is not shouting about yourself. This quality hides deep within, forcing people to do things, not focusing on someone else’s approval. Self-confidence focused on the approval of others. Confidence is open to criticism and understands that the world needs not only your ideas. Self-confidence resides in the belief that everything that happens — a one-man show.

2. Confidence the same as self-esteem

Self — esteem is how you perceive yourself. Confidence — your opinion about their ability to perform a specific task, it varies depending on the situation. The confidence that you can cope with a case that has little effect on self-esteem, although in General helps to increase it.

3. The confidence given to us by nature — either there or not

Confident people do not build the opinion about themselves from others ‘ estimates and judgments: it is a way to fail. Confidence grows with you and is generated by active purposeful efforts.

4. Confident people are not aware of their shortcomings

Nothing of the sort. Confidence is the ability to act in spite of their shortcomings. Confident people know their weaknesses better than anyone else, so they cultivate faith in yourself.

5. Confident people are confident always and everywhere

Not the case. This is a misconception. They do not surround themselves with an aura of self-confidence and do not go so from morning to night. You can be sure of one aspect of their life, but in a different field to be in limbo. It doesn’t make you less of a confident person. This situation only proves that confidence can and should develop in any area of life.

6. Confident people do not doubt

On the contrary, they always doubt yourself. They are the same people — otherwise they could develop and ask yourself questions? Doubt is useful because it helps us to analyze things and to improve yourself. The difference is that confident people don’t let their fears control you.

7. Confident people think themselves better than others

Usually this is judged from the side: «He considers himself better than others, look at him!» Who allows such comments, he evaluates himself in the first place. Golden rule: more shit talking about who said what about whom they are dedicated. It is not in the sense of superiority, but to no reason not to feel worse than others. No matter how people evaluate themselves compared to you. It only matters what you think, comparing yourself with them.

8. Confidence comes with practice

Completing quests for the hundredth time as perfect as the first, you can still burn from the uncertainty. No need to prove anything — it is necessary to change the point of view.

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