Confidence, or how to grow steel balls



How to learn to always be confident in yourself and your actions, and, of course, how to be confident with girls and not to overreact?


Dude, you’re in the right place! Perhaps this was the question asked by the stronger sex even before our era. Then, took a club, killed a mammoth, grilled it on the fire — so much for the recognition, and the love of women, and dinner. Now life is a little harder: confidence in deeds, and future requires constant work on yourself. Hardly anyone from the primitive allowed myself to spend days lying on the skin and look at the rock carvings. However, everything in order.

1. Dedication

One of the key qualities of a modern man. The ability to achieve the desired and necessary has always been valued by girls and society in General. It is not necessary to have a huge as to feel successful. No matter how things are now with the job situation may be different. The important thing is that you know exactly what you want and how this can be achieved in the near future. And yachts and houses can be acquired.

«There is nothing that boosts self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.»

Thomas Carlyle

2. Curiosity

Why would you do that? You’re well versed in the areas that are important for work or is your hobby. Dude, sometimes you just need to get out of the comfort zone. Noticed people who can support any conversation? Now, no one has this gift from birth. Erudition quite attractive. So be sure to leave the place to read and travel in your busy schedule. In any case, don’t be shy not to know something/be able to! It’s never too late to push the boundaries and learn something new.

«Curiosity is one of the loyal and faithful signs of a vigorous mind.»

Samuel Johnson

3. The irony

We are all imperfect. Sometimes it’s a reason to think and make mistakes, but most small problems easier to live with a sense of humor. Remember what was bothering you six months ago? Don’t think that now it’s nothing that makes you smile or tell my friends a funny story? The fear of looking stupid can ruin your confidence, which you so keenly trained himself. Friend, in turn, very sensitive, shaken your self-esteem or you can any situation to play by their rules. And indeed the ability to «laugh» sometimes it can help to relieve tension and distraction.

— What kinds of things should be treated with humor?

— To all things. All that can not withstand the sense of humor, not even worth to deal with.

Boris Grebenshikov

4. Presentable

Meet on clothes , remember? Whether it’s the girl of your dreams or an employer in the interview — they will pay attention to your appearance. Of course, what you wear, goes well with the style of life and an internal feeling of comfort, but the shoes (or running shoes) must be clean, and shirt (t-shirt AC/DC) needs to be ironed. Don’t forget about regular exercise — a pledge that will see a confident man in the mirror in the morning.

«Only limited people do not judge by appearances. The real mystery of the world that we see, and not what is hidden.»

Oscar Wilde

This list you can be part of every day, discovering new abilities and facets of self-confidence. Just remember that the result of effort depends on you. Communication with successful people, candid conversations with loved ones, solving difficult and risky tasks — all this will help you to feel their importance and effectiveness. Go ahead for new achievements and only occasionally submerge into the pleasant memories of the past!

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