Concise dictionary of fitness

manygoodtips.com_10.09.2015_vxJ5Qwrh8VG19Some go to the workout, increased a lot like Kai Greene in the years of his friendship with watermelon, and others only thinking about how to start to do fitness, read our articles on training and have no idea what a «set», «circle» and other delights. So for them we made a very brief Glossary of fitness terminology.


A series of exercises before training. It must somehow increase the overall blood circulation to provide blood flow to the trained muscles «warm up» the joints.

Anaerobic exercise (workout)

In fact, strength training. Characterized by short stress and periodic breaks between sets in the exercises. To better understand, remember exercise, powerlifting, bodybuilding, sprinting, etc

Aerobic exercise

Long-term endurance exercise, any physical activity which the body gets energy using oxygen (oxidizing fat!). By the way, marathon running, Cycling, cardio, etc. – typical of such exercises.

Interval load

The combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise, for example, the alternation of acceleration and Jogging.

Circuit training

Performing several different exercises in a row without rest between them (or with minimal respite), each are you doing not on time, of course, but the prescribed amount. Completing the circle, briefly rest and repeat all over again.

Approach (nee «set»)

A series of repetitions in a separate exercise. In a training programs usually prescribe a number of sets, and denote the time of break between them.

Superset (duoset, triset and then on the rise)

Set in the square. Performing two, three or more exercises for a specific muscle group in a row. Typically used for hypertrophy – fill what you are missing. Not always possible to pump up the quads the first time.


Well, replay it in Africa and repeat. One move that you make in exercise (single, multiple) – this is a repeat.

The program

All those sets and reps, consistently and diligently you performed in each lesson, and have the program.

Isolation exercise

An exercise in which limited involvement in the movement of other muscles besides the target. Most often it is otnositelnye exercise. Most often for this purpose, special fixtures at the gym.


Exercise at which there is alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles. The muscle is kept in constant tension with a stationary shell.

On the ground

The stage during which you are trying to gain muscle size of Conan the barbarian. While not without fat.

Drying (drying)

The stage during which it is time to expel from the body of excess fat and water. The goal is to achieve maximum relief of muscles, or reduce weight to get into a given weight category. The main difference from the fad diets – losing weight but not muscle mass and strength.

Free weights (weights)

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc


Exercise, at the same time enable several muscles or group.

Amplitude (range of motion)

The length of the path of movement in the exercises.

Disconnect (joint)

The ending point amplitude in which the limb completely (to failure) is rectified in the joint.


Repeat on the limit in the style of films from Stallone, after which you cannot perform another repetition. Simply put, the last gasp, limit, after which breathing is not possible.


The series of light exercises and stretching, the final training session. Sometimes use cardio. Their goal is not to finish completely draining the body, and competently complete the exercise and gradually reduce the pace.

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