Compulsory exercises for every guy

manygoodtips.com_29.01.2015_0WaqmHCqbVm3gIn today’s world of crazy busyness and lack of spare time became a stumbling block for many men. Our society has created a non-stop culture, which leaves little time for exercise. Fortunately, we have a simple ten-minute workout that fits perfectly into the schedule of your morning exercises. Of course, it will not give you six-pack abs and banks on hand, but will help the body and the body to be in good shape. Moreover, it’s better than nothing, and there is no need for additional equipment, just your body and willpower. Ready to get started? Go!

1. Stretching of the spine


Good stretching improves flexibility, reduces the risk of injury, relieves stress on the muscles. Often we forget how to stretch after a workout, which reduces our performance and well-being after. This exercise helps to maintain flexibility in the back.

Stand up straight and put your hands on your head. Quickly bend and touch the elbows knees. Stand up and repeat 12 times.

2. Deep squats

Deep squats give the load to the quads, hips, and buttocks. Here, as the school charging: feet on width of shoulders, hands on a belt, and squat, while in the eyes dark.

3. Lifting on socks


This exercise is designed to develop your calves. Stand up, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width. Get up on your toes and fall down. To complicate exercise, put toes on a book or any other hill. Repeat until the appearance of obvious signs of fatigue.

4. Pushups

Put your hands on the ground shoulder width apart. Then… Well, then the usual classic push-UPS. We have that to tell you this? Already said read and refresh your memory you can visit.

5. Push-UPS seated

Sit on the floor. Pick it up and put limbs on chairs, tables or beds. Start to lower and raise your body with your hands. It is not necessary to feel sorry for yourself, and if you feel that awful tired, repeat five more times and get to the next exercise.

6. Leg lifts

It’s time to use the abdominal muscles. Without getting up from the floor after the previous exercise, put your hands behind you and lean comfortably on them. Stretch your legs, and let them be as close as possible to each other. Now, raise them up until your body will not accept a V-shape. Lower legs and repeat until blue in the face.

7. Bike


Continue to train the press. The good old «bike» uses all the muscles of your abdominals. Lie down on the floor, but don’t relax! Press the lower back to the floor, hands behind your head, lift your knees at an angle of 45 degrees and start «pedaling». Try your left elbow to touch right knee, then right elbow left.

All seven of these exercises you need to perform is intense and with minimal rest in-between. But still better sign up to the gym to join the ranks of seasonal «snowdrops», which otzhiraet all winter, and now catching up.

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