Complexity of relationships: when a girl is much richer than you



Good Day, dear editors. I read you since high school, currently studying in 2nd year of uni, and to some extent, I’m not such a schmuck, what could be, thanks to you)

I have a little kentauskiy question. Recently started to chat with a girl introduced to me by a friend (she lives in a different city: between us 70 km). Talk on the phone all day and all night, she’s a very sweet, beautiful, well, I swam a bit (behave normally with her, even sometimes a jerk, but you like suffering). But the point is that she is from a rich family: the iPhone abroad, wants to move to Europe, and I am myself the average student. Dress up is completely normal, every 5 years can afford branded item and go to the gym, the last iPhone had only seen in pictures, works no no. I really want to meet her, in principle, can even transcend fear and come to her in the city. With all this I feel so inferior. Constantly climb in a head thoughts: what am I going to do with it, where to go, surely her friends ‘ Boyfriends with money, car, etc. the Only plus in this state, I stopped. started as a human to learn English, constantly think about: where to take money what to read, what to study. Actually, I understand if you don’t try, I will regret, but can not get rid of feelings of worthlessness.


Hello, our dear hot pussy, whose Transfiguration we had a hand. Thank you so much for what you have carefully read our articles and extract from them the essence.

So 70 miles is a lot or a little? It is zilch, it’s not enough to assume that you have a long-distance relationship, I sat down, shocked two hours by bus — and now the beautiful maiden in front of you. This is not the case when the normal route is converted into highway, but rather in wasted time. You just need to meet her because on the phone all good, all interesting, but in fact, after a long and more thorough communication will be that she is not as perfect as it seems. And it makes no sense to masturbate to her day and night. Suddenly she saw covered with pilling your sweater will begin shamelessly rude? Or force you to move in with her, and get a disgusting job to her daddy, who will you humiliating us. Then make the two of you to rent an apartment, but not any Studio, and the whole Palace to she was familiar.

But if it is valid so nice and wonderful, what it seems, nothing terrible will happen. You’re not going to offer doing, by and large, between you and there is no love, only sympathy. So don’t get ahead, and not ask questions about whether you have it or not, you could be dear to her as a friend, and plans for the future build you. But as wise men say: «Friendship is friendship, but fucking necessary.» You don’t understand, maybe between you something serious, until you see it in everyday life. It may well be that she, despite her spoiled and wealth will be honest and sincere loving girl that will not require you expensive gifts, but will wait patiently and support your endeavors. Suddenly she will love you so, that no treasure and study abroad will not cause them to deny you. In the end, it is unlikely that parents will stop to pamper and provide. You only need to develop and try to quickly get on. Not even for her sake, but for himself, will not be superfluous. Well, if it motivates you, but try, if you do not succeed, do not lose your self-development.

And don’t get in my head such grandiose plans for your future, then to not be so painful. Anyway, before the trip, but we’ll see. And not to delay the trip, otherwise, you know Baba like a butterfly, fly — not catch.

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