Complex semi-automatic rifle Henry US Survival Rifle AR-7, 23.07.2013, pMdSmIaXyahsOJYp3DyL5oMmqHz7Jit0

Every bro likes to shoot. Hunting, shooting and all sorts of airsoft with paintball is things, among which the detractors of bro I’ve ever met. But I agree, if you have a shotgun or sporting rifle, you know that sometimes it is very inconvenient to carry or store. Of course, not the case when you have a big car or a beautiful wall trophy. For dudes, who have neither the one nor the other, smart bro came up with a semi-automatic rifle Henry US Survival Rifle AR-7, which can be easily folded and all of its contents is dragged in the example. In my opinion, is quite comfortable, although I’m not special. But always ready to shoot, Yes.

Caliber rifle .22 LR sport and hunting caliber for small carcass. The rifle is made of relatively lightweight ABS plastic, the receiver is made of high quality steel, and the body is covered with a Teflon coating against dirt — just in case. Rifle weight is 3.5 kg, Length unassembled — 41 cm, folded — 89.

The cost of the Henry US Survival Rifle AR-7 — $ 280. Say there are other modifications., 23.07.2013, 4ProBP1b91LWWXli7L6Iz8CvCc4reHys, 23.07.2013, 8qUf9NXI5pt29MjpR3R14oDZ3BbWo4CB

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