Common questions about wine

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2014_GmFtZBdEjPiwRDrinking wine is a ritual, requiring specific knowledge and etiquette. Different wine require different storage temperatures, each has its own taste especially delicious. The ignorant person in all issues is difficult to understand, so we have prepared a mini-educational program. Today you will have four question to wine less.

1. Why wine is the aroma of fruit and spices?

In the description of the taste of wine often present the names of fruits, flowers, spices and vegetables, but this does not mean that the drink add artificial flavors. Different varieties of grapes in combination with different soil types and winemaking techniques to create these unique flavors. Description only characterizes the wine and sells in the romantic style: this is like to associate a person with a particular smell. With time and practice you will soon be able to tell the difference between these flavors. What once you thought was far-fetched and exaggerated (as notes of dried leaves or rose petals in the aroma), soon will open to you his true nature. You’ll know what you like, and will be guided in the tastes and varieties of wine.

The most frequently used adjectives are:

  • Fruits: Apple, cherry, plum, grapefruit, lemon.
  • Not-fruits, violets, thyme, nutmeg, pepper, tomato.
  • Land: forest soil, mushroom, limestone, wet stone.
  • Spices: cinnamon, vanilla, smoke, nut.

2. What is the right temperature for storing wine?

Experts have different opinions on the subject of temperature, which should be stored and served wine, especially when it comes to red. Wine can’t be spoiled, if the temperature is a few degrees above or below, but there are General guidelines by which you reach the maximum potential of the beverage. In restaurants and is considered a good practice to store wine in accordance with the recommendations. If the drink waiting at your house, remember that the red should be kept in the dark and cool (say, in a garage or basement): light spoils it. White sparkling wine can be stored in the refrigerator, and when uncorked, submerge in the ice. And indeed, temperature is a matter of taste. At least don’t throw in the wine ice cubes are all you need.

The ideal temperature for wine:

  • Sparkling Wine Is 6-8° C.
  • White — 9-11° C.
  • Light red and rich white — 12-13° C.
  • Red wine: 17-18° C.

3. Why wine need to be decanted?

Decanting wine, or transfusion of it into a decanter before serving, a topic which is still under debate. It is believed that transfusion of bottles of wine in the decanter to «breathe» and oxygenated, fully showing your flavor. How many would argue about the need for decanting, there are a few situations in which wine is better still to pour.

Eventually the bottle is going sediment from the gradual breakdown of pigment and tannins. It is similar to sand, and unpleasant to drink it, why to decant a wine with sediment is necessary. Vintage wine in a sealed state takes on musk aroma while decanting will help to incorporate floral notes. Remember that with age, the wine becomes more subtle, therefore, to pour it slowly: rapid transfusion perederzhish wine in the air and ruin its flavor.

Wine decanting can also benefit. Constant hour in the decanter the wine becomes softer and more pleasant. And one kind of red wine in a clear decanter, this is the reason to pour the drink.

4. Why the wine smells like cork?

If the wine smells like cork, not grapes, is difficult to ignore. The smell of damp cardboard or socks attrubutes hour in the gym the person making the wine undrinkable. The reason for this is environmental pollution: pesticides that are contained in the tree, causing decay tube, and it spoils so all the wine.

The smell is so sharp you can smell it directly from the glass to sniff the cork is not necessary. This tradition preuvelichina and smacks of snobbery. Because the plug is the culprit of these troubles, it is not surprising that many winemakers are moving to the caps, especially if you take into account the statistics: one out of every 12 bottles is usually ruined because of a bad tube. Of course, the cap is not so authentic and romantic, but tastefully not go wrong here.


The enjoyment of wine begins with the selection of bottles and ends with the last breath. We hope that the answers to the most common questions will help you begin this journey.

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