Common mistakes when performing weight training

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2014_YDovX2veyNX7yIf you made a choice in favor of the exercise of power, then you’re on the right track. No matter how old you are, you can enjoy training. However, thousands of people are injured as a result of strength training every year as they make common mistakes. Well, you always were lucky. You’re like the smartest, first decided to get acquainted with the possible consequences, and then get to work.

Of course, this material is not intended for gurus in the sport. We want to help newbs Grisham and embark on the path of correction. Well, if you have in the Arsenal of some useful tips, feel free to share them with the needy dudes.

Well, while you scatter brains, we have prepared a list of the most common mistakes in strength training that can and must be avoided:

1. Revaluation

If you’re a beginner, maybe you and dumb to bother with small customers. You’re worried that guys who are more experienced will laugh at you? Look, you’re not in the school gym, where young ghouls bullied the weak and defenseless. We should not overestimate their capabilities and grab too heavy for you weight, just because you’re shy in front of the ducks. They too start somewhere and was also dasami, well or inept fatties like you.

2. Help

Make sure there is a coach who at any moment can’t help you lower the burden. In addition to the physical help you need and the advice of experienced people. So don’t be shy to ask for help from a coach or colleagues to the gym. After all, there is no benefit from improperly performed exercises.

3. Ignorance

No need to cling to any exercise. Did you read last night an article in the Internet about some kind of drill or saw this guy at the gym that performs something interesting, and now he decided to repeat something. Don’t do that. Your normal and exercise components determined by a specialist. Explain to the instructor why you came, what you have health problems, what you expect and he will give you a schedule of exercises. When they tell you what to do ask him why this kind of training you need to do.

4. Exceeding

Well, who are you trying to prove something? You also said how many reps and what weight you need to perform. Do you think that the sooner you’ll wear yourself out, the faster you get the desired result? Of course it is not. You need to perform maximum five repetitions. Your desire to seem cool to a fall.

5. Unnecessary sacrifice

You should not exercise during illness or injury. Give your body time to recover. The disease provokes weakness. Accordingly, during exercise you exhale faster and you will not get the desired result. After any injury or illness give yourself enough time to recover.

6. A little rest

You know that after a workout you should have plenty of time to get your strength back and only then you can proceed to the next exercise. Your muscles need about 24 to 48 hours to recover after a workout. The time depends on the intensity of the exercise, from the rigors of dieting and and other factors. — It is the best way of natural recovery of the muscles.

7. The lack of warm-up

Most injuries during training arise from the fact that, given too little time to warm up and prepare the muscles. Warm-up is necessary in order that the blood goes to the muscles before strength training. Do not neglect the stretching, it can serve you and prevent various lesions.

8. Improper diet

It is harmful in any way, even if you don’t exercise. And with active exercises — this is generally contraindicated. If you’re not used to watch what you eat, it’s time to start a diary. You need him only the first time. Soon you’ll get used to it and can control food intake. You must have a personalized diet that you prescribed by a doctor.

9. The lack of carbohydrates and fats

If your goal is to convert fat into muscle, you’ve probably climb on thematic pages and boil a bunch of information about «proper» food. And you found out for yourself that you shouldn’t consume fats and carbohydrates. But, it is a myth. Carbohydrates are considered the main source of energy in our body. If you don’t consume carbs, you’ll feel weak. Do not neglect olive oil and nuts.

10. The wrong choice

Many people perform exercises that focus on a particular muscle group, usually it’s hamstring or biceps. It is better to avoid exercises of this kind. Correct to perform such exercises as squats, in which all the muscles of the legs and the shoulder are stimulated.

When you are going to go to the gym, don’t forget about these simple tips, you will certainly need it.

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