Common mistakes home business owners

manygoodtips.com_21.01.2015_awwWkdE9CLA2ZWe already wrote about how not to turn into a lazy ass if you work remotely from home doing various freelance. But to be a home business owner is an entirely different story and a different degree of responsibility. Here you work on itself and to demand the answer would have to himself. Read about the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs in its first year of operation.

1. To treat work as a hobby

«Earn what you like, and you’ll never have to work a day.» Probably, everyone knows this saying and few people would refuse to live by this principle. Most people who dream about a home business, eager to escape from the world of the daily grind. Of course, this idea looks amazing, but you have to keep in mind that a home business is a business that requires a full commitment, effort and a lot of labor costs. If you consider this work only as a hobby, plan your day so that you have time for «real jobs» that will pay your bills and keep a new business afloat.

Do you consider your business as a hobby if:

    • sleep as much as you want and do not have a clear mode and graphics;
    • no follow-through scheduled jobs;
    • meet or chat with friends during the working day.

2. Working in sweat pants

If you have experience of remote work and freelancing, you must consider advantage of the opportunity to carry out their work even in the family shorts. No officialdom – the freedom of the eggs! That’s just the psychologists and training managers you fundamentally disagree. These specially trained professionals say that your clothes, even if no one sees you, sets the tone for the entire upcoming day and mood. Ripped sweat pants and hair, which can fry the patties, do not allow you to be productive. If your body and mind are relaxed, it is likely that everything that you planned will go under the tail slop cat. There is no job that allows you to look like a homeless. Of course, if you’re not an actor extras of the series «Trace».

3. The lack of work schedule

The working class of the current generation pretty hard to keep up with daily tasks and responsibilities. For them home business is synonymous with the phrase «I work when I want». But the lack of clearly defined hours and schedule is a common mistake home business owners. You need to structure the schedule and figure out how many hours per week you can work. Then divide these hours by the number of days of the week, and after I decide how much time will take to work, set a specific time frame. If you have determined that your optimal time, from eight in the morning until afternoon, then at this time you don’t have to be distracted and to engage in unauthorized, non-work things. Of course, the break time must also plan out. Let it be 10-20 minutes per hour when you can sit back, close your eyes and relax. Well, or sit on the toilet with a laptop.

Tip: set the alarm time start and finish work, as well as for all breaks in between.

4. The lack of goals

When a business owner does not set any goals, home business is doomed to fail. The purpose helps you focus on tasks. Without a purpose you will not understand how to do business, what to do next and how to fully maximize their potential. You need to set short term and long term goals. Short-term goals will help to understand what you need to do each day/week and long term will give you a General vision of the picture and the passion to work for something great.

Examples of specific short-term goals:

  • write 2+ blog of the week;
  • to have five necessary and potentially profitable Dating a week;
  • N sell-ing the number of products per day;
  • daily interaction with customers on social networks.

Examples of specific long-term goals:

  • earn the N-th sum of money this year;
  • add N-Noe number of people in the list of regular clients;
  • read 10 business books of this year.

5. The lack of separation of personal and work time

There is a time for work, time for vacation, and have time for family. If you are a good man, then this item should stand at the forefront. The absence of such a separation can lead to large stresses and scandals in your house. Family members must understand that if you scheduled a job, then you need to do it. Voiced my schedule and avoid trips to the computer and telephone conversations on work during the specified holiday.

6. The lack of additional benefits for customers

From good advertising depends the lion’s share of the project’s success, but more importantly to assert the value and benefits for the client. At least at first. Buyers are looking for solutions to their problems. They are looking for someone who would show them how can be solved their difficulty.

Here are some of the ways you can provide value to potential clients:

    • to give a simple ebook with uploaded thematic publications;
    • to remove a series of video «How to do» and give for free;
    • write something useful or inspirational in your blog or website;
    • to answer questions promptly and efficiently.

7. No social media pages

Any business without a social media presence, most likely, will not live very long. This is the bread and butter home business. The more people in your friendlist who will share information about your product, the faster your business will grow. Create and promote a page that informs you about your case. Try to make a small investment in targeted advertising and to track the results.

8. The absence of a business website

A website can bring new customers who live beyond your city and even outside the country. If you decide to design your home business, you can not do without a website.


  • demonstration of products and services;
  • links to pages in social networks;
  • links to your contacts;
  • capture email addresses of customers;
  • communication with the non-native population;
  • the website is open 24/7.
  • 9. Don’t track your expenses

    And last but not least: the business owner who does not track their costs, usually fails in starting a home business. You should clearly understand how much money invest and how much you get, it is crucial to maintain a profitable business.

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