Common mistakes graduates who dream about the good work

Pora was.kom.ua_17.11.2014_Hi4P3eC4RKlIJEach of us comes to know its essence through trial and error, the result of knowing what needs to be done to achieve the goal and what we must be freed in the near future. In some cases, it’s a slow process, and there is nothing shameful or wrong, but when it comes to finding a new job, any mistake or failure is perceived very painful. If you just graduated from University and believe that you have plenty of time to find a job or business like, you, like hundreds of carefree fools before you and after finding themselves in the trap of arrogance and extravagance. Here you got my first and certainly «temporary» job just for fun, until then, until there is nothing new, but it’s been three years, and you work for the same place on the same positions, while alive, young and zealous do what you are not able to decide. Today, we distribute free to all graduates of the aqualung and the flippers, so they can successfully avoid all the pitfalls hidden in this vast ocean called «early career».

1. Mistake # 1: lack of understanding of their strengths and weaknesses

Received a long-awaited diploma? We congratulate you. After your body and stunned the liver recover from post-holiday hangover, you have to learn quite complex, almost incomprehensible object itself. After the head, again, get clarity, get the so-called process introspection – give an honest and clear definition of their strengths and weaknesses, preferences, skills, focusing on simple plan.

1. What do you like to do?

2. Or are you ready to make it your job or is it just a pleasant hobby?

3. What do you really know? What’s good? To compare it with the first item?

4. Demand for these skills in the labour market?

5. The employer is willing to pay for that skill?

2. Mistake # 2: Misunderstanding of the profession

Haphazardly studying and reviews for each open position will not lead you to positive results: if you each working field or profession will be regarded as the target, you can be sure that none of them are yours, not what you need. If time endures and you don’t eat the Wallpaper, so as not to die of hunger, do not throw in any suggestion, but on the basis of the above plan, think and decide what is your ideal job. And which organizations can offer you now on the basis of vacancies or potential future. Write down 30+ names of companies that meet your criteria and create a list of contact details of persons responsible for making decisions on employment in these companies. At least start with the personnel Department.

3. Mistake # 3: Failing to build dialogue with the right people

Graduates, as a rule, first consider jobs published on various websites devoted to job search and recruiting on the basis of the summary and vacancies.

But most of the best jobs are on the «preclusively» resources, from a friend who talked to some big shot of a major company about your employment, ending with closed bases, access to which have only large staffing Agency. Therefore, there is a formal, classic style, and informal, which require high energy costs, but also rates, I agree, is too high.

If you have closed the door – climb in the window and be prepared for the fact that you have repeatedly come across a negative reaction or rejection. But it is also the result that draws a certain picture and clearly gives more benefit than wiping his pants on lazy ass.

The order of precedence shall be as follows:

  • Personal interaction with the right person;
  • An e-mail if the company website provides a contact E-mail;
  • LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook etc. do Not underestimate the power of social networking;
  • Phone call. You have to be really good at committing cold calls, you’re off busy people.

If you get feedback, hold your horses and do not rush to hit the interlocutor in the forehead a direct question about vacancies. Of course, as a graduate you have little of any benefit can offer from my side, but still some interesting loopholes exist.

Offer to write an article about this man or his company for substantive publications. Often publishers of such specialized Newspapers or magazines in need of a quality material that describes all of the internal «kitchen» of the words of a man who has reached a certain level of professionalism.

Offer to organize any event in which without your help could not be dispensed with. But this plan requires careful consideration, since the idea should be cool and interesting.

Try to create your own industry Association. In fact, you can convene on an organized event you the different minions and one big fish and you need to plant the hook under the guise of conducting any debate or forum. Most likely, you on all points fail, but you’re talking to the right man, and you have a chance to ask him the main question, for which all this confusion was started.

4. Mistake # 4: Not to develop professional skills outside of the University

So, now you have higher education, but the necessary practical skills, knowledge and experience to showcase your brilliant mind in all its glory. Your training should not end after the ceremony of awarding the diploma. Buddy, believe me, everything is just beginning, and to be a valuable asset among the incredible competition in the labor market, you need to try to jump above their heads. Or blame to work in the McDuck, since you’re scared or lazy to realize their ambitions. What intelligent investing you should pay attention:

  • Short practical courses, reading modern and contemporary literature, which covers material beyond your standard training;
  • Volunteer work on projects;
  • Internships for organizations. About training talk some more.

5. Mistake # 5: Internship as a synonym for meaningless slave labor

Internship, volunteering is often associated with dirty work: bring-bring coffee, do a hundred thousand copies, throw the hog and take the coat from the dry cleaners. So it will not work. You must first learn to appreciate their time and labor. Choose a organization that really meet your needs and you can actually have something to teach in return for your help, is primarily intellectual.

You show your interest and that you will be able to work independently and responsibly, without unnecessary reminders and control. In fact, your employer is no risk and the level of investment in your persona at this stage is minimal and you will gain invaluable experience in communicating with important people, learn how the system works from the inside, pretty namozolil our eyes, and who knows, maybe it will become an indispensable man, and you will soon get a job.

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