Common errors in summary

manygoodtips.com_1.07.2014_VSvTZX2TTkwKlWell written resume can be the key to success, but, at least, a step in the direction to it. To make it easier for you to find a suitable job, we will talk about real and imaginary problems, which may arise from you when writing your CV.

1. You don’t have enough experience

We wrote about how you can get the most coveted experience, if you are in the very beginning of her career.

In addition, you can try to compensate for the lack of experience in summary a detailed description of their knowledge and skills. Learn the needs of your dream company and a group of other potential employers, highlight the main and try to create a summary based on their wishes. You’ll have to do a little analytical work, however, it’s worth it.

2. Your specialty has nothing to do with your interesting posts

As a rule, the question of conformity your peel the specialty for which you are applying, a little worried about the employer. Too large percentage of people now working in another profession. However, to ignore the column «Education» is not worth it. The fact that you studied, as a rule, looks for the employer soothingly.

3. You had a big break between the jobs

Try to make you not look like a parasite in the eyes of the employer — to explain the cause of the break. There is nothing wrong or suspicious in the fact that you couldn’t work due to health problems, but long career break for no reason — looks at least strange.

4. You often change place of work

You have to try hard at the interview in order to justify the frequent changes of places. Prepare the «right» answers to difficult questions: for example, modifying jobs to meet their own ambitions — the transition from Manager to senior Manager — defines you in the eyes of the employer as a person motivated and interested in professional growth, but the change of venue because of a conflict with management or colleagues put on you will label you as antisocial, aggressive type. The employer will not go into the details happened to you drama and find out who was right and who is not. So best of all it does not tell you.

5. You didn’t work on last job

If you worked last at least 2 months, probably not worth to mention it in the summary. Deciding to write about it, be prepared to explain at the interview.

6. Your summary is too long

And you don’t know how to shorten it? Remember that employers usually are not interested in over the last 5 jobs. In addition, your three-day experience as a waiter, when you just turned 18, too hardly matters. Try to describe yourself, your responsibilities, skills, achievements brief and to the point. Summary — not an essay — pouring water are not necessary.

7. Do you plan to change the scope of activities

Be sincere. Tell the employer about why you want to do something new to you, explain what you understand how hard you have no experience in this field, and you’re ready to learn.

8. You choose the wrong words

CV and covering letter is your calling card. Keep in mind that ignorantly, clumsily written, vapid, or have a too familiar tone of voice, these texts can spoil the impression about you even before a personal meeting with the employer.

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