Comics you should read before going to the cinema

Dude probably leaving next film show, you hundreds of thousands of times have heard the phrase «the Book is better!» Perhaps you yourself occasionally say that your opinion is fundamentally at odds with the view of the Director. But can we say the same about the comic? Or is it to extol the tale «Masha and bears» after the domestic adaptation? Let’s understand together. Nowadays comics are a separate art form, for creates pop culture. And if many of them managed to simulate a whole world, achieving the right to independent film, that means something. Why read the comics? To know exactly what was the initial promise of the story, and what it led to in the end. Besides, it’s a great way to escape from work, school and household chores at least for half an hour. Let’s do this!

1. Fantastic four / Fantastic Four premiere of the film in this comic is the closest. Experts Marvel will say that it was 10 years ago, and they will be right. Why was it necessary to remake? First, in the distant 2005 the technology was not the same (although the effects of the «Quartet» looks nice). Secondly, the role of «human torch» played by a young Chris Evans is the guy who most know as «Captain America». Naturally, when you merge the worlds of «the Avengers» and «Fantastic four» Chris would not have to perform 2 roles at the same time (but more on that later). The first comic «Fantastic Four» appeared in 1961, was the first edition, a story about a team of superheroes in the Marvel universe. Since then, a rare genius, his invisible (but still beautiful wife, the flying guy is a fireball and the man-yellow rock became popular with the public. The film will be an original story comic book, and the details are waiting for us in August this year.

What to expect:

1. In the new film «the human torch» by an African – American. The plot of the comic was his sister – a blue-eyed blonde. How tolerant this issue will be resolved? Rather, kinship is not all (or it will go as in the recent work of will Smith’s «Focus»).

2. Judging by the trailer, the story of beauty to be comparable to «interstellar». At least, the journey across the unexplored planet will take the characters less than half of the film, and the result is, as they say, «face». Of course, without high-quality imaging abilities and inspirational speeches from the characters themselves do not.

3. The main enemy of the «Quartet» again is probably the most awesome and harbitually villain – Dr. Doom». In the comics the villain tried to take over Earth and the entire Galaxy, but «stumbled» on the resistance of the superhero team. His plans will be shown in the movie? Still a mystery.

2. Suicide squad / Suicide squad

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2015_J5svkWRRDq55ZThe creators of this comic decided to go by contradiction. Not in the sense that it is bad, and impossible to read. Just an ordinary lover of comics was accustomed to watch like a good hero in a ridiculous costume goes through mental anguish and saves the world. Here the situation is different: «good» will be criminals. And not some cheap bunch of idiots, but real professionals. Deadshot, King Shark, Harley Quinn and so on. Of course, not without a healthy serving of action, fights and treachery (they actually can be confusing). Release date of movie: August 5, 2016.

What to expect:

1. There will be a Joker! You may say that Heath Ledger is the best performer of this role, and that not in vain cried Jack Nicholson, seeing photos of the new psychopath with green hair. The truth is that Jared Leto is the one who knows how to play truly, to experience the film and be a winner. So that should be cool.

2. There will be Batman! Considering that in the comics he doesn’t appear, there is a logical question: why? What task is at Bruce Wayne and his fabulous car (hotshots instantly leaked out)?

3. The role Desota – will Smith, in the role of Harley, Margot Robbie. If the first already had to play unfinished hero in Hancock, the second just a pleasure to watch. And yet the original plot involves the exacerbation of feeling between this couple.

4. On paper the story contains many allusions to humor (at least the dialogues of characters are quite alive), and the first trailer of the film conveys a rather gloomy and even scary atmosphere (it seems that everyone has become accustomed to this reception from the Studio DC Comics). Very soon we’ll see what happens.

3. Doctor Strange / Doctor Strange

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2015_5ITwxsTmnp2VcOne of the few comics characters who can exist in the human world. A doctor by the name of Stephen – a talented surgeon who was involved in a severe accident and lost the meaning of life (pregnant wife and a brilliant career). In search of enlightenment, he goes to Tibet and reaches the monk, who is called «Elder» (the smell of good old fighting games of the 90s, right?). The teacher gives Stephen’s magical abilities that allow you to take another look at the world. Everything in real life. Release date: 3 November 2016.

What to expect:

1. The main role in the film will be performed by Benedict Cumberbatch! Eccentric actor who embodied the modern Sherlock Holmes, admitted that he did not know the history of Dr. Strange. But as soon as he was chosen, getting acquainted with all the comics that featured the character (such for half a century have accumulated a lot). Besides, Benedict for the role you need to grow a mustache and a neat beard that sounds doubtful. Perhaps the British will turn to our articles on the subject.

2. The comics ‘ creators, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, inspired by a radio programme about magic, beat culture and Eastern mysticism. This mix ultimately allowed to compare the edition with the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali. Indeed, one of the main «chips» of the comic is a journey between worlds and use black/white magic. So everything that was once drawn with a pencil Ditko, we will be able to see on the screen in full glory (hopefully).

3. The antithesis Strange – Baron Mordo, another student of the Elders, on the path of dark magic. According to rumors, in the movie this character will combine several characters are anti-heroes Marvel.

4. Batman V Superman: dawn of justice / Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2015_3XiiL7HAFpccRThese guys create the hype last year and a half: starting with the fact that in the role of Bruce Wayne will be Ben Affleck’s long-suffering, ending with the fact that «Aquaman» is too brutal. In General, the movie promises to be one of the most powerful of all works of the Studio DC. Previous work, «man of steel», failed in movies and disappointed all the fans of Clark Kent. The red and blue hero from another planet if enough of the sad courage. Batman has it in abundance! So I decided to push the two favorites of the audience’s foreheads and see who more people in theaters coming to watch. Who do you, man?

What to expect:

1. In the scenario laid beautifully drawn and produced by the comic «the Dark knight» «Batman Christmas» and a kind of «Moldova» story called «the Second coming».

2. Scene epic battle of the two heroes was a separate issue – part story «Superman/Batman», where the characters are investigating together, trying to stop a dangerous criminal named Metallo. In this comic by two friends-teen in t-shirts beloved saviors of the world are arguing who of them will win. The main rule: the fight goes on without kryptonite (the film is, of course, not valid).

3. For a long time, the heroes managed to amass a huge number of enemies. So you should wait for Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and everyone who guess about the helplessness and fragility of the world. But without allies can not do: there are magical «Wonder woman» and «Nightwing.»

5. Civil war / Civil War soon as ended the show for the second part of the acclaimed «the Avengers», Marvel studios began actively campaigning for «Civil war». And it’s true, because the film will be the finale of the franchise «the First Avenger» and the last film in which we see Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony stark aka «Iron Man». Therefore, the part is going to be hot and spectacular. But a little while to wait until may 6, 2016.

What to expect:

1. The second name of the painting – «Split the Avengers». In the story, all the superheroes are divided into two camps: the «Captain America» and «Iron Man». Accordingly, the former teammates will perform against each other. The cause of the conflict – the idea that all people with superpowers should be registered and entered in a special database. Naturally, for a lot of heroes in tights «disclosure of identity» a matter of life and death, and just a matter of principle.

2. In this part will be the maximum number of superheroes: the «Fantastic Four» and «X-Men», and those who recently appeared in the Marvel universe. In the comic there is even a reference to the very competitors – the «Unit count» of the DC universe.

3. Especially it is necessary to expect the appearance of «Spider-Man». After many years at marvel managed to buy the movie rights to this character. In the paper version it was his decision is determining the outcome of the battle. But will it be in the movie?

6. Deadpool/ Deadpool

manygoodtips.com_19.07.2015_iYmdQ7DDX0ptL«Sweet» was very ambiguous character. Dejulio (as he himself often calls it) is the only hero of the comic that knows exactly what is in the pages of fictional history. A mercenary in a red and black suit is not driven by the great idea about saving the world, most importantly – fun. It is evident in every cut the Reprise that says the hero. Apparently, he managed to pick up the Cup «of the Comedy-savvy» Spider-Man (where Peter Parker with his puns?). Rumor has it that the trailer Deadpool literally torn to pieces this past Comic-Con, beating all competitors. Speaking of competition: the character has been copied from the same mercenary, Deathstroke from DC. The only difference is that the original wears a suit of black-and-yellow, not joking and has no solo film.

What to expect:

1. The main role is played by Ryan Reynolds, shining a green lantern in the DC Comics universe. After a fairly unsuccessful game in the defender of galaxies with the magic ring, the actor seemed to shut down the road in a superhero movie. I want to believe that the work in «Tadpole» will be for his rehabilitation and good «push» to the development.

2. A character named «Deadpool» has already appeared in movie as a super-soldier-enemy of Wolverine. His ability was: super-fast regeneration, teleportation, adamantely skeleton with a knife protruding from his hands, and «laser» eyes, like a Cyclops. In the original comics, Dejulio has only teleportation over short distances, regeneration and a sort of immortality.

3. Game dedicated to the character, was released in 2013. Her story is not associated with the comics, but the gameplay introduces you to the basic features, habits and crazy «chips» of a mercenary. Also in the game there are familiar faces from the Marvel universe.

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