Comfortable mouse with start button

Microsoft mouse0280726200

Sometimes the mouse seems the simplest thing do not want to change, do not want to complicate things. Why? For some people the mouse, on the contrary, is a very important accessory, they are willing to pay money that could easily pay for simply computer hardware. And today the mouse is just very comfortable. And it’s not just one mouse, and two different.

Sculpt Comfort Mouse is, in our opinion, more suitable for «g» side and she has a touch panel, Windows touch tab, which is quite convenient to jump from tile to tile.» With the help of some gestures, the mouse will show what I want. Works via «Blue tooth», and cost $ 40.

Microsoft mouse0552916890

Sculpt Mobile Mouse equipped with a scroll wheel that works in four directions. The mouse works through USB, even, in our opinion, better Bluetooth all trust. This model will cost $ 30. Button «start» is also available. For «sevens» and «eights» perfectly. In short, if you ask us, we for the second mouse.


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