Combat friends supported their bro

The American wife of bro that have served in hot spots, helped their wives to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder acquired during service.

Since military commanders are not paying enough attention to the rehabilitation of its veterans, military girlfriend decided to draw public attention to the problem.

29-year-old wife of veteran Ashley Weiss have found the right way — she undressed, and created a page on Facebook called «Battling Bare», where she uploaded her Topless pictures and called the same friends in misfortune to join her.

«My husband each day goes to battle with the ghosts of the war, — she wrote. — And I and other wives of soldiers have tried everything to help the ones you love«.

Now the founder of the movement plans to register its virtual community as an official non-profit organization.

«We will work for those women whose men suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. We want them to know they are not alone! They are ready to support all those who are faced with a similar«website for Ashley Weiss.

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