Combs is sometimes not much is enough to bring their hair in a more or less proper form. However, for some reason of instrumentation — combs are a rare thing, which is found in the Arsenal bro, I have no idea why. That the prejudices!

However, one day I asked my good hairy friend why he keeps a comb in his inventory, he impregnable logic said that «it is… as if mildly… a chick». About «girly» you can look here, good article.

But the opener to carry with you is not a sin! So why would these things not to unite? The theme is more European bro with a comb are, and do not blush! The comb is made of high quality stainless steel will keep your hair in good condition. And open you a beer, of course!

Only here one problem: steel highly electrifies the hair, so it is not very functional, dude.


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