Column Bliss Sound AquaBeat


Laptop usually do not need a very unusual speaker system with great bands speakers and powerful subwoofer. Have imposed themselves as small portable satellites and calmly watch movies, TV shows and play with toys. Some, of course, buy a serious speaker system, but for the most part take something small, concise and pretty. Column Bliss Sound AquaBeat — just in full compliance with these requirements.

Inside the transparent bulb, specially designed and located right above the speakers, there are bright LEDs and injectors, block access to one or the other of the light battery. Bliss Sound AquaBeat not only performs the main function (plays music), but also makes the spectacle much more memorable and attractive: columns in the music release a jet of water and the luminous rays of different colors. All this is mixed in a colorful dance that goes to the beat with different music. The light that is thrown by the fountains, then calmly flows from one state to another.

Bliss Sound AquaBeat is available in two colors silver and black. It seems that this bright light is not needed harakteristiki technical, but still worth to mention. Total output power of speakers — 4, OAO. The frequency range is quite wide: from 120 Hz to 18000 Hz, for the same money, many manufacturers of portable speakers offer a much more rich and full-bodied sound. The ratio signal/noise in Bliss Sound AquaBeat 60 dB. Phonics is powered from both the USB and outlet. Estimated price Bliss Sound AquaBeat — 1600 rubles.

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