Colt for this gringo

Colt for this gringo

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_ILd2RKBbMT6OAThe word «colt», the brain automatically gives the picture a beautiful revolver, loud and tastefully stop the insidious gait bastard in a cowboy hat. We know that the cowboys really beautiful and gentle guys, like in «Brokeback mountain», and thanks to the colts, they could eliminate all villains.

The colt is a symbol of weapons, the flagship of the Holy family of revolvers. Samuel Colt invented the revolver as such: experiments with the familiar shape of the weapon were carried out in the XVI century. Moreover, the inventor himself did not conceal that he had based the system of Daft and Collier’s, which saw in the Museum of the tower of London.

But despite this, the Colt became the Creator of a new and progressive cap and ball revolver than paved the way for the creation of weapons of next generations, and at the same time erected into an absolute revolving art. Therefore, it is not a sin to walk through the history of colt and once again scroll through the head was the legendary proverb: «God created men equal, but Colonel Colt made the call their chances».

Colt Paterson

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_tKe0LkvgskAmdThe grandsire of all the colts. The very first model, patented by Samuel, and one of the — ridiculous. «Paterson» was not so much weapons as the prototype for future success. It was necessary with something to begin the glorious history of revolvers. First, new weapons are not appreciated, and the Colt about five years and never received the orders and went bankrupt.

The main disadvantage of the revolver was the fragility and unreliability: he literally fell apart during prolonged use, periodically, he snapped. The US army pretty soon was abandoned, but in the glorious and independent Texas «Paterson» was respected and was purchased for the Navy and Rangers (those that are almost as powerful as Chuck Norris). After all, despite its fragility, the gun distinguished great accuracy and relative comfort, but still was very expensive: a quite good cannon the war with the main enemy of Texas at that time – a cunning and cruel Indians-Comanches. Some no, and firepower.Revolver «Paterson» was divided into three basic types: pocket, belt and cobourne. Each basic type were produced in various calibers (except kobernyk: all of them had the caliber of .36) and with different barrel length also differed overall dimensions.

Colt Walker

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_lrV2wN2Mw7AdoSomehow Sam Colt contacted former Texas Ranger captain Samuel Hamilton Walker with a very interesting proposal: to develop a revolver, from which it would be comfortable to shoot while on horseback. So was born the most favorite revolver Clint Eastwood and the nameless hero in the famous spaghetti westerns by Sergio Leone.

Actually, this model began a takeoff of revolvers as weapons. Development keenly interested in the government and even began to allocate funds for bringing gun to mind. The hour of the revolver struck during the Mexican-American war, which killed the main inspiration of the Colt – captain Walker. In honor of «cool Walker», explaining how to be a cavalry pistol, and, in fact, secured government contracts, Colt decided to call glorified his weapon.The people «Walker» received an insulting nickname «Behemoth», because it really was extremely cumbersome. The total length of the weapon was 400 mm, weight without cartridges – 2100 gr. So you could swing like a club, and not worry that you will be killed. Of course, with such dimensions in the world walking uncomfortable, so the civilian population he never gained particular popularity.

Colt Dragoon and Colt Navy

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_4HtWlUHTTO8BMWe decided to combine these two revolvers for one is an improved version of the other. «Dragoon» was developed for cavalry, after which he received his name. He replaced the «Walker» is too heavy and has another disadvantage: during the firing lever is provided for loading the bullets fell down, blocking his stock revolver drum, the drum was often torn.

The caliber of the new weapon was .44, the trigger mechanism is single action, the drum with six chambers. The loading was produced with a muzzle side of the chambers, but its main feature was the latch lever for loading of the drum, which when shooting is not allowed to drop the front of the lever.

«Dragoon» was strong, but all the same awkward, and then he was replaced by a «Neve». Those who understand English know what the «Neve» means «Navy». In many respects he was much more comfortable than its predecessor, and soon gained popularity. With it began the great conquest of the colt European and Asian market, especially loved him in England, where he immediately launched into production.Nevertheless, both revolver was technologically deficient. They were cap and ball, that is, for all their rapid firing reloading still takes a lot of time: it was necessary to fill the powder and place the balls separately, not one cartridge, as it is now. And during this time you could catch a bullet Chingachgook insidious or malevolent gringo with a dog’s face, a greasy mustache and traces of smallpox on his face.

Colt Peacemaker

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_Kwz7eVbO18giOA living legend of America, which is called the oldest and the most famous revolver in the world. Some think it perfect, because for 100 years, not its design or appearance have not changed. He’s produced so far. This «old» will find the strength to put a dent in a couple of malevolent ink.

By the way, the legendary phrase: «God created men equal, but Colonel Colt made them equal chances», refers specifically to this model. The Colt Peacemaker or Colt M1873 Single Action Army – a name he was given at birth. «Peacemaker» saved America in that beautiful, glorified in westerns, the era of gangsters and the conquest of the Wild West. Although he created it, like most relatives, for the cavalry troops.

Special popularity he gained during the Civil war, however, they were shot mainly southern troops, the confederates preferred to its counterpart – the «Gunnison independence». And then he has firmly entered into the everyday life of ordinary people. It is known that it was worn by farmers to suffer from the raids of Indians, adventurers of times of the Gold rush, merchants, owners of saloons and even women who do not wish to feel your hands all bullies under my dress.

The main reasons for its popularity was the simplicity, cheapness of supplies (expenses for the purchase of primers and powder was small, and bullets could pour your own) and convenience – this is one of the few revolvers which was convenient cocking with the left hand.For quite a long time it was the rapid-fire six-shot revolver, not only in the Wild West, but throughout the world, for which he was particularly fond of all sorts of crooks with weird names like Hank, «a Fast Hand». And the army was appreciated for the most, equipped with the soft tip of the lead bullet that was stuck in the damaged tissue and bones and thus used to destroy all the energy. The wound inflicted by a bullet of a bogey one hole, and the size of a lunar crater. In fact, to restore order with the help of «Peacemaker» was easy, for it he got his nickname.

Colt Python

Hold.kom.ua_12.05.2016_OYxi4vy8ch8PTHowever, if the «Peacemaker» was distinguished by its eternity and convenience, the colt «Python» – their startling clarity, concise design and smooth descent. Many collectors prefer him because of these qualities, and is called the best in the entire range. Beautiful, elegant revolver, designed as a sporting target weapon, under a powerful .357 Magnum cartridge. Python was the first production revolver that shot at the factory with a laser collimator.

On the market the revolver came back in 1955 and was produced until October 1999. Finally, the issue of revolvers Colt Python was discontinued in 2005.

For a long time it was worn by the brave American police officers. Big, heavy, beautiful and accurate, so you can not run away. Until now, many elite units in the world consider it the benchmark and from time to time use «Python».

King Cobra

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_7qlhwUU1YB1UQThe last of the legendary. The production model of the King Cobra began in 1986. Did «king Cobra» stainless steel .357 Magnum cartridge. The barrel, like in «Python», had the canister axis of the extractor along the entire length of the outer part of the trunk, but, unlike Python, the top strap of the barrel of a revolver «the king Cobra was not ventilated.

The barrel length ranged from 102 to 152 mm. Guns with barrel length of 51 mm was produced from 1988 to 1992 and from 1994 to 1998, With 1990 to 1992 released version of the revolver with 63.5 mm barrel.

Handsome he was replaceable front sight attached to the barrel by a pin, the grip plates were made of synthetic rubber instead of traditional wood. However, the life path of this line was fairly short and thorny. The production of the Colt King Cobra was curtailed in 1992, and then restored in 1994 and again, was finally discontinued in 1998. Now some models can be found among collectors and the lucky ones who managed to buy a «Cobra» during the first and second coming. But whatever it was, it is far from slope «Python».

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