Coin box for wine corks


Nobody can resist the fashion, not you, not me. Even so eternal as alcohol, could not resist. In the fog of ethanol intoxication there is a fashion for one or another drink. Many years ago an epidemic all choked juniper moonshine, called gin, and make it easier to move it a specific taste, diluted with the same bitter «Schweppes» and «sprite». Recently every second felt obliged to order from the bartender «Jagermeister», which, contrary to all the canons of drinking this liqueur, served with a slice of orange covered in cinnamon. As was the fashion for tequila and absinthe drinks for everybody, and not everyone is used to them.

But there is alcohol, over which time not imperiously. The sacred pillars of light alcohol – wine, beer, vodka – faithful companions of your weekend. But only if beer is a drink of everyday, vodka – emergency or an intimate affair, the wine was the imprint of a certain elitism. It’s in the southern countries, where the culture of winemaking is as old as Mick Jagger is about 5 thousand, where do powdered wine, not allowing a conscience and good harvests, and to drink a bottle in the evening is the norm. What an environmentally friendly product, it is intoxicating and in particular overseas, without causing headaches. And stands by their standards inexpensive.


And in our latitudes wine – a drink rather festive, solemn. And I agree, sometimes I want to these celebrations remained a memory, particularly when not stinted on good wine, and the company was worth. But to collect bottles uncomfortable – too cumbersome, and kind of weird. But wine corks – good idea. But not on a bookshelf to arrange.

Fortunately, smart people have invented an interesting thing – a piggy Bank for corks keep calm and drink wine. Sounds strange? Possible. But it looks nice and stylish.


The frame is made of wood and stylized photo frame. Only on the frames, there is no such life-affirming call as «Keep Calm And Drink Wine» (keep calm and drink wine). And now, looking at this beauty, but rather on its contents, you will cover a light veil of pleasant memories: «we were drinking «Chianti» on their wedding anniversary! And this is a Crimean port on the day of independence of Israel. But the «Massandra», which uncle nick broke his head on the day of birth.» But if you know a lot about wines, looking at them, disturbed taste buds will remind you of the rich taste and the true value of this drink. Good memories, captured in a stylish accessory – what could be better!?

And buy this coin box at a reasonable price in the gift shop, Mr. Geek.

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