Coffeeboxx – blast-proof and bulletproof coffee

Coffeeboxx – blast-proof and bulletproof coffee

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2014_dcjEHI7ZqopnDIf I had invented the contest for the title of most severe and immortal coffee machines, portable Coffeeboxx definitely would have taken first place. Now coffee drinkers can drink your favourite beverage in the most extreme conditions of work or leisure, without fear for the safety of the apparatus. You’re stuck in a dusty time of the hurricane under the bridge, hiding under it? That will cheer up better than a Cup of coffee? Campground, construction site? No question! After a refreshing beverage of choice not only sleek chistyuli in expensive restaurants, but also workers and extremality of all stripes.

Coffeeboxx is protected from moisture, rust, dust, resistant to high loads, falls, and explosions. Also inside the device is a 2.5-liter water tank, so you can drink coffee, tea or simply dilute with boiling water «instant noodles» and in what does not deny.

A couple of days Coffeeboxx has collected about $20 million of the required $50 million on Kickstarer. When the project is implemented, around March 2015, it will cost about $300.

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