Cocktails with rum

Knocking on the door in the summer, and so soon you’re gonna be spending a lot of time on the street and in cafes under the open sky — in short, away from home. Any walk would be better if it is to complete an exotic cocktail. By the way, it makes an impression on the girls. Women like men with imagination and skillful hands. Just imagine: after a walk you’re a casual invite her for a cocktail. Do we need other arguments?

Rum is the best drink for summer evenings. It is associated with hot passionate Cuba, hot beaches and ocean. An appropriate environment to catch the moment and win her heart! Rum, man. Rum. Although not only — it needs something to mix, so a friend agreed to drink such a strong drink.

Old Fashioned (Old Fashioned) surprise your girlfriend, make a classic American cocktail with rum, bitters and orange. In the original recipe (which, by the way, more than 200 years) you need the whiskey, but the variation of rum will be more of summer and the exotic.

You will need:

  • rum — 45 ml;
  • bitters — splash in a glass;
  • sugar — 1 cube;
  • water a couple of times to pour into a glass;
  • orange;
  • cherry;
  • 4-5 pieces of ice.

1. Put it in a Cup of sugar cube and top with bitter spray, he began to melt.

2. Shattered sugar spoon, pour rum and mix it well.

3. Put it in a glass of ice, add more rum and stir, then add remaining rum and stir again.

4. Serve with orange and cocktail cherry.


manygoodtips.com_10.04.2014_TsHFgVlFyunn3Rumor has it that this cocktail was invented by an American engineer, who lived in Cuba during the military confrontation between America and Spain in the Caribbean. In such circumstances, without a good strong drink was not enough. Legend has it that this man led his team to the manganese mines in the district, Daiquiri. They ran out of water, and the locals could drink rum team only: the more they had nothing. Inventive engineer agreed, but in addition asked for a basket of limes and sugar. Lovely man was!

To prepare the cocktail according to the recipe, you need:

  • rum — 90 ml;
  • sugar syrup — 10 ml;
  • lime juice — 40 ml;
  • ice.

1. To make sugar syrup mix equal parts sugar and water and heat on the tile until the sugar is completely dissolved.

2. Shaker to half fill with ice, add lime juice, sugar syrup and rum. Shake, strain, serve with a slice of lime.

Mai tai

manygoodtips.com_10.04.2014_yJ9DVHvDwnY2eAn exotic cocktail, the name of which is suggestive of a Thai Boxing (cut as well). He was born in the 40-ies of the last century. The recipe for this long drink was invented by American restaurateur. The drink became popular thanks to the film «Blue Hawaii,» starring himself, Elvis Presley.

To feel like Elvis, you need:

  • light rum — 30 ml;
  • dark rum — 30 ml;
  • Triple sec — 15 ml;
  • lime juice — 10 ml;
  • pineapple, mint — to supply, as desired.

Except the dark rum, all ingredients are sent to the shaker, shake, pour into a glass. The top is complemented by the dark rum optional decorate with pineapple and mint (the desire to be, girls appreciate these fruity stuff).

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