Cocktails with a little spice

If you’re looking sharp, literally did the burning sensation, drink a cocktail. And not just a mixture of booze and fruit nectars, and with the addition of what a reasonable person in the drink will not add. Yes, we are talking about the spicy sauces and chilli. This cocktail can be safely drunk to a deranged condition and insane heartburn a day gastroenterologist, fireman day or any other celebration with burning issues.

Red dog

Don’t know how many skoula in this drink, but if the mucous will start to move layers, do not be surprised. This is the most bitter of all the cocktails. It contains all the bitterness of the meaninglessness of existence – otherwise it is impossible to describe its severity.


Silver tequila – 25 g

Light Sambuca – 25 g

Tabasco – 5 drops

Preparation is simple: pour the tequila, then Sambuca and drop of sauce. Using cocktail spoon should get 3 layers. And with careful hands the sauce will stop at the border between tequila and Sambucol.

Garlic business


Just be warned: the smell of garlic you won’t, ginger easily removes the smell. So you can safely stick to madmuazele.

For a cocktail you need to take:

Fresh lemon juice – 40 ml

Liqueur apricot – 40 ml

Cognac – 40 ml

Ginger ale – 50 ml

Ginger – 7 g

Garlic – 7 g

In a shaker, whisk the crushed garlic and ginger, then pour the brandy, lemon juice and apricot brandy, add ice and blend well. The resulting mousse strain and pour into a glass. On top, pour ginger ale and decorate with small pieces of garlic.

Margarita wasabi


The turn of the Millennium was marked by the introduction of the fashion of Japanese food. What is green and bitter is the symbol of Japanese cuisine? Of course, wasabi. Some craftsmen thought of putting a favorite snack of Jean Reno in the film in alcohol-based drinks, and this is what came of it. Margarita Wasabi is not a alias fashionable avant-garde artist, and quite a interesting option to piss off the liver.

Many people ask, can we put our vigorous Russian mustard (not to be confused with a soft European). The answer – Yes. Only the name of the cocktail, do not forget to change.

So, you need to:

Silver tequila 50 ml

Orange liqueur – 50 ml

Wasabi – 5-10 g

Fill the shaker with orange liqueur, tequila and lemon juice. There also put wasabi and fill the shaker with ice. Stir it carefully.

Next, build from itself recognized foodies and brings beauty, preparing a glass of Margarita and covering its rim with salt. Put a circle of lime or lemon, pour it alcohol-mustard-ice mess… eat. Nice spicy bitterness of the wasabi will make alcohol more interesting and exciting.

Hot and spicy


For this cocktail in the first place need time and patience. And of course there was resistance because not everyone will be able to SIP hot sharpness. For all the cocktail speaks volumes to his name. It may seem strange and uninteresting, but believe me, anything is better than «sweet and lowdown».

For alcoholic of the Symphony will take a set of provisions, including:

Cognac – 40 ml

Sugar syrup – 10 ml

Honey syrup – 10 ml

Water – 100 ml

Lemon – 40 g

Chili pepper – 200 g

Ginger root – 17 g

Cloves – 2 g

Put in any container of finely chopped chili pepper, pour sugar syrup and water. Put on fire and stir, bring nelokalnoe concoction to a boil. Allow to cool and… no, need 2-3 more times to repeat this operation each time giving brew to cool. Add the cognac and honey syrup, shake quartered lemon and then squeeze under any pressure all the juice out of ginger root. Add cloves and heat again. All nothing more warming is not necessary, you only have to pour through a sieve and add pepper. Pepper to gut and add directly from seed. But bear in mind, all the sharpness in the baffles, so the oven is not childish.

Dead head


Oh, and finally – the highlight of the program!

Opinions about when it is dead the chair directly after eating a pair or two shots, or the next morning differ. One thing’s for sure: with this cocktail should be careful. Especially to those who from time to time tormented by heartburn.


Vodka – 25 ml

Lemon juice – 5 ml

Worcestershire Sauce 3 g

Tabasco sauce – 2 ml

Ground black pepper – to taste

Salt – to taste

Red pepper powder – to taste

To prepare the cocktail just to ugliness. It is only important to consistently add ingredients. Pour a glass turns the vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco. Season with salt and pepper. Decorate with spicy red pepper.

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