Cocktails based on tequila

We already wrote about tequila, its history, «ancestors» and whatnot. Now is the time to become acquainted with those cocktails that you can make based on it, when it’s time to give drink to a friend with something original. New cocktails is always cool. It will also add to your popularity among our beautiful ladies.


Short-drink, fortress 31%. The most famous cocktail based on tequila. Invented by Margaret Seim from Acapulco.


tequila 5/10,

liqueur Cointreau 3/10,

the lime or lemon juice 2/10.

In a cocktail glass make a salty edge.

In a shaker half-filled with ice, pour ingredients and shake up. Filter into a glass.

Versions of the cocktail:

Frozen Margarita with crushed ice. Strawberry Margarita — strawberry. Margarita Jalopenos — green peppers.

cocktail0214145325 tequila

Tequila sunrise

Long drink, the fortress of 11.4 %.

There are many beautiful legends about the creation of this cocktail. One of them says: California the bartender invented a cocktail recipe, but could not find for it an appropriate name. He was tormented all night and in the morning, after leaving the bar, saw the sunrise (eng. — sunrise).

That’s it!

Favorite cocktail of the band «Rolling Stones»

Recipe: tequila-3/10,

orange juice 6/10,

Grenadine syrup 1/10.

In a highball (tall glass) with ice, pour orange juice and tequila, stir. Add syrup. Not to stir. Decorate with slice of orange or a cherry. Serve with cocktail stick or straw. Its kind of cocktail should resemble the sunrise.

tequila cocktail0141003141

«Control shot»

Stack poured in equal parts tomato juice and tequila. Add spices: salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce-over woodchester. Served with beer.

When drinking this cocktail, and the tequila, a very important ritual:

1. In the right hand to take a stack, to the left is pepper.

2. Drink in one gulp and then eat the pepper.

3. Immediately drink a beer.

The result is an Epiphany of why a cocktail is called so.

tequila cocktail1413330405

Tequila boom

Shot-drink, 20%.

One of the most promising cocktails based on tequila. The effects on the human body is often completely unpredictable.

Recipe: Mix in a glass with one part tequila with one part tonic water (recommended «Schweppes»), a glass cover with a cloth. Put the top hand and punches the glass on the bottom rack, then the contents should instantly drink. Reaction of rapid expansion that began in the glass, ends you have the stomach. The result exceeds all expectations.


Tequila-Slammer. Even more severe version of the Tequila Boom, as is tonic used ginger beer. Recommended only for fully self-confident people or already checked out themselves on the Russian people’s drinks «Click».

tequila cocktail1513318272