Cockfighting: a sport that was always

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_RqUjrVm1Symk3In the world there are always fun, which is not unique. For example, bullfighting – what is it? Cruelty to animals or abrupt, traumatic sport, a tribute to the traditions of the Iberian Peninsula? So this review is aimed at the ambiguous sport, entertainment – so you can call it whatever you like! To understand that it is quite difficult, it is clear that opponents of such an interesting time there will be many, and not just among animal welfare activists, whether really to resolve such a spectacle is up to you. So, we present to you cockfighting is a cultural phenomenon, which breathes strong in the twenty-first century.

If we talk about the background or history, cockfighting is quite ancient, much older than all modern sports, where a couple dozen men running from one end of the field to another. Originated this phenomenon in the East, which is not surprising, because the ancestor of our modern hens and roosters is an Indian wild chicken, domesticated in the IV-III century BC. The Eastern Kingdom has always been famous for their inventions and luxuries, and in Europe fighting cocks came from Persia, to Persia, they came from India. Moreover, possession of a chicken was considered a Royal privilege, so we can say that the fighting cocks had previously been purely Royal fun.

From Persia it, so to speak, the sport came to Greece. It happened thanks to the legendary Athenian strategist and commander, father of the Delian League, Themistocles. Themistocles during his presidency of Panhellenic army was able to win a series of decisive victories over the Persians, who, naturally, turned around, and some of the spoils of war, among whom were fighting cocks.

There is a legend that is attributed to Themistocles. Before the decisive battle of the valiant Greek General saw fighting cocks fighting desperately and passionately. Then the commander told his soldiers: «These animals fight not for the gods of his country, not for the monuments of their ancestors, not for the glory and freedom and not for posterity, but solely for the sake of victory.» Ashamed of his cowardice, the army cheered and finished their job in complete victory over the Persians. Greece was for the time safe.

Here is a beautiful legend is a prerequisite for the popularity of these fights. Later there was built a unique amphitheater, for this purpose, where the was regularly fighting. The popularity of this entertainment is growing. When the greatness of Greece has sunk into oblivion, cockfighting had spread in Rome and later throughout Europe. Rome, as he was peculiar, thought this lesson in bad taste, but still it became part of his cultural life.

In fact, the popularity of such battles never cease. In the middle ages they performed with surprising frequency, and in the days of the Enlightenment. Especially liked that the British and the British Royal court in particular. Julius Caesar immortalized in the history of commander and was in 54 B. E. in Britain, was incredibly surprised when I found that the Britons bred some males are not for food, but for fighting.

In Britain, cockfighting was considered almost a national sport. Almost every village in the British Isles could boast of their own arena for the fights. It’s fun to some extent United the people as at that time was already available to all classes. Bets eternal associates of any gambling sports did peasants and lords, and merchants. The students studied methods of breeding fighting cocks in the University on a par with Latin and philosophy. Special playgrounds for this sport even existed in the Palace of Westminster and Downing street, although sometimes nobles preferred to spend fighting in simple hotel rooms, without any fit for this business arena. And only towards the second half of the XIX century, the sport has become massively restricted by laws up to a total ban. In the British Isles the ban came into force in 1835, by special decree of Queen Victoria.

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_M8A9EgxvFuNXjIf you think that the beak of a fighting rooster never showed up in Russia, you’re wrong. Of course, we have this sport was not as widespread as among the Britons, however, there was the so-called «Society cock hunters», which popularized it’s fun and fought. General Aleksei Matveevich Vsevolozhsk, has highly distinguished himself in the Patriotic War of 1812, was an ardent admirer and patron of cockfights. And the very first owner of fighting cocks was in Russia, count Alexey Grigorievich Orlov, who ordered the birds right out of England. Since 1860, the police began to pursue the organizers of the cockfight, but that fundamentally nothing has changed. The sport migrated from the fun of the upper light in the hands of ordinary merchants and craftsmen. Usually the fights were held at the border towns and villages in the old Odessa, Tula, Moscow settlement. Revolution also was not able to destroy has become almost a national pastime. Now they were given proletarians. And only in 60-e years of the twentieth century cockfights were under a total ban, but then, as now, there was an underground arena and venue for the fights. You may come across numerous videos that are shot on fights.

The attitude of the society even now, in the era of the dominance of humanism, ranging from complete approval to complete rejection of the phenomenon. We know this is a long-standing tradition spread around the world. We know that it is available for many sports, but at the same time we understand that there is a certain ethical side, usually because the roosters fighting to the death, and the spectacle itself is quite traumatic for the unprepared person, and gentle soul. But maybe there’s some hypocrisy here? The amount of resources consumed, and therefore killed, chickens day is on some dizzying heights, the number of dead fighting cocks is unlikely to go beyond the thousands per month. If the case is not murder, and in the method, here again hardly it is possible to help. If we go by the logic of the most radical of animal rights activists and to put someone in a similar situation, then everything falls into place. Anyone, in my opinion, choose to fight and live, than the injury and food. But, this is a pretty controversial topic…

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_tH83KF9fPLxdeBut we digress. As was expressed early, the popularity of cock-fighting is obliged mainly because it is very accessible, and so they can participate and the poorest inhabitants of the planet, besides, it is a real spectacle, where there is a brutal, bloody and unpredictable struggle, and people always wanted to see a bloody show, so we created.

And if Europe and Russia mass character of such fighting is not observed, then in third world countries it really is considered commonplace.

For example, a kind of cockfight, officially permitted, there is in the Philippines. They are called fighting. Arena for fights in almost every city of the Philippines, and the largest located in Manila – capital of the state and is called La Loma Cockpit Arena; it was built in 1902. These arenas work almost around the clock, which is not surprising with the amount of money that revolve around them. Usually the cost of a real fighting cock can go far beyond a couple of thousand pesos, which imposes on the owner certain responsibilities on its contents. When the animal becomes quite expensive, and attitude is completely different, with the bird requires increased care: wash her, feed choice feed and cherish. To exit the arena a rooster needs to be the proper form.

It was a course, in Spanish-speaking countries this sport is much more popular than the other, and around the globe, where he founded their colonies Hispanic, can be seen in varying degrees, the presence of cockfighting.

If we talk about the features themselves fighting cocks, they are as follows. In six-month age cock be sure to cut off the comb and remove the beard, this is done in order to prevent further problems during the battle, as damage to the comb always causes a great loss of blood. To one year the roosters are fighting, in most cases they do not go on fighting, even up to two years. Special fattening feed before, but maybe some of the modern locations of the fights, it was popular to feed roosters with a mixture of grains and alcoholic bitters, of which birds are more’d get mad and faster fell into a rage. Recipes secret food and «victory» bread are always in secret from the owners of the roosters-winners, but there is one feature that is often common to all – the food was wetted with warm urine. Before the fight, all the cocks are special metal or bone spurs, which they can more successfully hit the enemy. Modern spurs reach a length of 4 inches, although there are specimens that reach in length up to 6 inches. The roosters themselves are divided into two types: the first focuses on the battle in the air, the second at the battle on the ground. Conventionally, they are called «flyers» and «countrymen». Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, flyers are good in the beginning of the battle, when the forces of the wings still have to attack the enemy in the air, and countrymen spetsializiruyutsya to further confrontation. But sometimes the whole outcome of the battle depends on a random factor.

Earlier, of course, the roosters fought until one of them dies. In the modern arenas also occur death struggle of birds, but time takes its toll, and often the rules allow you to take the cock in any moment of the fight, especially received heavy damage. In some rules there is a fixed time period. But as with any animal, even with the proud title of «combat», with a rooster may cause an unexpected accident. The most unfortunate event for the owner of a fighting rooster, in addition to the loss, is still refusing to fight. Birds sometimes don’t want to fight. Then the owner puts his chest to the chest of the other bird. If this time the battle begins, the peace-loving owner of the rooster loses, and the battle ends.

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_xemItoGw0EBfgBy the way, there is an interesting etymology of the word «cocktail», which suggests that the meaning of this word takes a basis in cockfighting. The so-called or the drink, which watered the cocks before the fight – «Cock ale» (Cock Ale), or beverage, which they drank at the beat the cock at the end of the battle.

If someone wants to see the fighting legally, it is necessary to highlight some centres cockfight: Haiti, Philippines, Mexico, is especially recommended in this respect, Puerto Rico.

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