Cockatoos were able to make tools

Parrots — animals are smart and funny. And, as it turned out, able.

Especially a cockatoo named Figaro. He lives in a research center where scientists watch the animals, put experiments on them and learn something new from the life of animals.

And now scientists noticed that when the pebble who played Figaro hid behind the outside of the cage, the animal got to him with a stick that was lying nearby. First tried, of course, with his paw, but quickly became disillusioned, took a handy tool and used it, holding in the beak.

Since the use of tools cockatoos were previously not seen, brainy Figaro transplanted into a separate enclosure. When close to the cell put the nut Figaro showed themselves as they was not expecting anyone.

All sticks near the bird was not of the correct length and Figaro broke off from the boom of a piece of I-beam and used it as used the wand. To do this he took 20 minutes. When the experiment was repeated, Figaro showed much more impressive results. Now he «produces» his «tool» for a couple of minutes.

Manufacturer tools do not all animals. Earlier this was seen crows that use sticks and stones for taking insects and cracks, and apes.

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