Close my eyelids often it tells you what movies you can watch on the weekend in the company of his beloved girlfriend, friends or unquenchable loneliness. It’s a decent film that can please the intriguing plot, well thought out, intricate dialogues and great acting.

Unfortunately, it is not only a favorite magazine affect your choice. If in dangerous proximity to hidden friend heart trouble: you may now upload you’re brilliant, in her opinion, the film. If you’re lucky, the movies really are good, but most often view those «masterpieces» promises a lot of boring scenes with a sad, snotty dialogues and the main character, sexier you.

To prevent trouble and following the collapse of the strict male psyche, we decided to be proactive. This article contains the hit parade of typical women’s films that are not worth watching, even if you are left without the Internet, and in your hands the last DVD on the planet.



Plot: tycoon rides through the city and stops near a prostitute named Vivienne. Without thinking, he buys it and takes to the hotel. But in the morning, driven by chronic loneliness and a liking to the girl, the businessman invites her to stay for an additional fee. So Vivien is in a world of wealth, lies and easy money.

I’d see a woman: a Beautiful fairy tale where a modern Cinderella with a pure soul and the dirty work starts from the bottom of the social life towards the good changes, right into the arms of a beautiful rich Prince.

What you see: the Young Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. This is from the positive. And the rest is absurd and naive story about a prostitute and richer – a dubious persons with unstable mentality, a mass of complexes and a clear problem of attitude.

«Pretty woman» came out of the classic soap Opera with long dialogues and short directorial ideas. Deviations from common sense in scenarios abundantly. Especially upsetting is the assumption on the Hollywood walk of fame image absolutely common prostitute, to sympathize with a crime for a normal guy.



Plot: the Fate confronts a rich girl by the name of Baba and the «bad» guy, ACE. Begins their love story. That’s about it.

I’d see a woman: a Real, heartfelt tale, which is so beautiful and realistic that will definitely happen to her.

What you see is: Insidious attempt of the Director to make the main character a cool dude off the street to men was not so boring to follow all this ridiculous love story, in which a very primitive scenic cliches and mediocre acting.



Plot: a Failed suicide attempt brought her in a comfortable asylum. Arriving there himself, the heroine learns from friendly doctors that nothing she came to herself, because her life still remained for long: health is not the same, and the heart is weak.

What you see woman: the Dramatic story of an unhappy woman’s life in which love is still alive, in spite of wretched and boring society of the inhabitants.

What you see is: Stupid, similar and slow film, medium rare, with a snotty social philosophy, no junctions and no sense. Nothing sad in the gray moldy canvas. Spread a ridiculous story about the blonde, which, as expected, something in life was missing.



Plot: the Ageless vampire in her Prime meets a girl named Bella that falls in love. The relationship with her promises to him a lot of trouble. In spite of common sense, bloodsucker meets the brunette reciprocated to bring your family a lot of trouble, the story of which is so easy to stretch on as many as three films.

What you see woman: the Perfect image of a man: strong, charismatic male, sometimes impulsive and daring, and while thoughtful and calm; the guy with the mystery, the highlight of which is clearly more than you.

What you see is: bullshit from the lips of all the characters in the film. The story of the immortal human stupidity with elements of horror for teenage girls. In some scenes you can see emotions on the face of the heroine, but not when it flies a van or threatens imminent violence. Most likely, the film you will see the forest, beautiful scenery and a disturbing addiction to vampire baseball.



Plot: a College virgin named Anastasia Steele interviews a tough businessman, trembling, stammering and asking stupid questions. She is a gray mouse, and he is handsome and rich. As befits a fairy tale, billionaire Feb shows interest in the girl. Inviting her to coffee, and later ride in a helicopter, a handsome young man decides to hint to a lady that «doesn’t have sex, and he Fucks hard.» The innocent heroine is facing a difficult choice.

What you see woman: No idea, man. But the women insist that everything is about love…

What you will see: Many, if not smash the screen after the first five minutes of the film. For example, will see the social porn-drama with elements of pseudo-BDSM and lots of oral sex. In between the sex of the main characters you will notice the sparkling dialogue and the piano. First, however, in the movies Brazzers brighter, more logical and wiser. And Actresses, I must admit, prettier.

Watch scenes of a sexual nature you will be frankly ridiculous. Anastasia face insane Canaries trying to imitate the log, and Christian grey with a whip in hand is more like a conductor of the string orchestra. To mimic the classic priest, he fanning her character, not driving away mosquitoes, not remembering why I agreed to play in this film. The main characters don’t have sex, and frankly I miss, driving in a fierce apathy all life on Earth.

To see some consistency happening and will not succeed. The philosophical idea is also missing, as the conscience of the Director of a sadist.

«50 shades of brown» in the empty two-hour ballad about anything.

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