Clean your shoes like a soldier

army soldiers photo Michael Kalyanovoy

When I looked at my shoes, I felt an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. It was only the second day of basic training we were given only one hour to prove to your boots to perfection, after all, must always be clean soldiers ‘ shoes, boots soldiers shined in the sun. If we do not do this, the consequences we won’t like. Never in my life have I had such bright shoes. But the moment I tried to imitate his neighbor who almost grew up in a military environment since I was five.That day I learned how to add glow to boot.

If you join the military, this knowledge will help you avoid penalties for not shining shoes. Even if you’re not going to become a soldier, this skill is useful to you in life.

Preparing for upcoming wedding, prom or just to the office everyday — clean shiny shoes or boots will show to others that you delaesh attention to their appearance.

Clean your shoes like a soldier

There is no dearth of opinions on how to properly clean the shoes. Below I have shared my own way I clean their boots for many years.

Step 1: Find an old towel or newspaper and grab the area where you work on cleaning the shoes. Shoe Polish has a tendency to smear everywhere, even if you work with them very carefully. And if you accidentally stain the carpet, then it will be difficult to clean.

Step 2: Clean your shoes from dust and dirt, using a brush of horsehair cloth or a damp cloth. If you have cleaned the shoes from dirt with a damp cloth — let it to dry thoroughly, and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Using the sponge for cream, apply the product on the entire surface of the Shoe.The cream color should match the color of your shoes.The cream should be applied evenly across the surface. Let the cream 15 minutes to dry.

Step 4: Vigorously wipe your shoes with a brush of horse hair.In this step, you get rid of the excess cream.

Step 5: If you’re sure that your shoes are completely and evenly covered with varnish, you can start polishing shoes.Pay special attention to the front and rear of the Shoe.Umlani slightly a cotton pad, then type a bit of polishing tools for shoes. Apply the remedy on the heel and toe in a circular motion. At this point, relax — the procedure will take some time.

Step 6: Repeat the fifth step until, until you’re happy with the result.Don’t forget to change the cotton pad every time — this will allow you to better remove excess funds. By the way, if you regularly allow your boots in order, each time, it will be less work. The whole process takes me about 45 minutes, but the result is worth the time spent.

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