Ciudad Juarez: a Paradise for the cartel – for you hell

manygoodtips.com_11.08.2015_G0AJCVlYgkuJYWhat is the most dangerous place on Earth? To answer this question will be difficult. For a number of people the terrible thing is the presence of gay couples in the neighborhood. For others – eternal shootings and drug trafficking. And some will fear the priest that is constantly watching children in the Park.

But there are such locations in the middle of nowhere, wreaking havoc on our editorial Board, although we would love to go there in some kind of an armored van, to share with you their impressions of the place. Although we would think twice before visiting the place which became the main hero of this text. Is the city dangerous to life and everything you hold dear, is called Ciudad Juarez.

The cities located in Mexico, the country is trying to blame most Hollywood criminals, feeling the hot breath of the police chase. It is located near the US border, in the North of the country. This situation was a good service to the city – it attracts a lot of traders, there are many factories. Being the administrative centre of the region of Juarez, the city is developing. But you’re in Mexico, so it just does not happen. So hryapni a shot of tequila and listen carefully.

Despite its rock-star location, and the presence of industry, which is so necessary to any country, Surged Juarez is experiencing a lot of problems. In fact, the city is the arena of fights between the major drug cartels, which no man can appease neither the army nor the police nor the letter of the law. And maybe now the number of murders has decreased significantly, because in 2010, killing several people a day, and the city received the title of «world capital of killing», but it’s still pretty bad. The cartels have not disappeared, a lot of them, and they are dangerous. Trade of heroin and cocaine is a profitable business, and control of this important city – Coca arteries — is very important. So there was a struggle, and is now.

The town became famous for his murders long before the events of the war on drugs. For example, there is a series of murders of young women and girls, which since 1993 has nearly 400 corpses. The murders themselves known for the fact that the perpetrators largely remained unpunished, and the motives are still unclear. Although many say that because of the work that can easily get women and that is so hard to give men. Given ultramaterialy mind the Mexicans, anything is possible. Of these events even made a film with Banderas, which is called «Border town». By the way, very smart film.

However, 400 bodies – this is not the 3,500 deaths that knocked at the house of the unfortunate Mexicans during the drug war in 2010. Sometimes People think that murder only catching criminals, but it is not. Killed and the police on duty, soldiers, people who do not want to cooperate with the cartel, the people who collaborated «not so» cartel and just those who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Corruption in the city was so great that every second policeman was sitting on the payroll at any of the don. Mass kidnapping, rape, murder, racketeering brought the mayor to the point that he fired half the police officers in the city, preferring to ask the Federal government to enter into the city, army units. No one was safe, and to survive in such extreme conditions, many families had to go to collusion with criminal gangs. The other choice was not simple, especially for those who had small children.

And this is, again, one of the most important hubs of Mexico is large enough and rich country (relative to other Latin American countries). Now violence has become much smaller. Maybe the military helped, and maybe, the cartels were able to negotiate, who knows? We only know one thing: methamphetamine and cocaine, as before, is the best source of income for the shadow side of this ill-fated town.

In relation to cartels. The largest player in the region, Juarez is the Juarez cartel (the guys name was long thought). For them, the city is the capital of the Empire, built on blood. It was founded in the distant 70-ies, and from that time no one to tame it couldn’t. Now they are at war with the largest cartel in the country, which is called Sinaloa. In 2010, the Juarez hand in hand with the gang «Los Aztecas» terrorized the local population. In General, it is difficult to describe all these wars, not knowing the whole inside the city. By themselves, the Mexican gangs are very mobile. So, perhaps they are among the most stringent in the world, but they also know how to negotiate between themselves. So to beat them is difficult, because many enter into alliances with each other. Most of the police officers believes that, in order to neutralize the gang, one brute force is not enough. Need to amend laws, depriving the cartels source of income. Not so long ago in several US States legalized cannabis that destroyed profits of many cartels, which are just that and earned. If you take away their other drugs, may be the problem to disappear? All of this is a controversial topic, and without a bottle of tequila does not understand.

The brutality of the Mexican gangs know no boundaries. Their favorite way to show the enemy «who is the boss here» is terribly simple and merciless. They kidnap the loved ones of his opponent or members of another group and make the mince, chopping the body in pieces. Dump it all into a pile and left in the car, usually in some kind of spacious jeep, in a conspicuous place. You can Google violence cartel Los Zetas over their opponents, but before that you should refrain from eating.

If you’re after all voiced still want to go to this city, then go ahead – now there is not as dangerous as it was a few years ago. The city looks exactly the same as any average town in Russia. Unless the architecture gets more pleasant because of its colonial component, and all the signs in Mexican and Mexican flavor. Poor people and cheap labor, contrasting with the rich citizens who have ties to the government or directly with the Juarez cartel. The mayor that is trying to do and to produce, and it seems he is gradually obtained. But the money that a huge flood coming across the border right into the U.S. and back, like sand, spilling into the void, bypassing the city budget.

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