City Fletcher — harsh Plush beard

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2014_7X0lhF3IxEDQgLook at this harsh guy with huge biceps! How much do you think he is? If you don’t know who that is, don’t give him more than 30, but this is a harsh companion for 54 years!

The guy nicknamed Teddy beard was drawn to power, like any guy from criminal district. In the past this is a professional lifter, three-time world champion in bench press and three-time world champion, lifting barbells for biceps. If you think that such muscles can grow only with the help of steroids, will disappoint you: city Fletcher uses them! Now he’s a bodybuilder, co-owner of cool fitness center, the main motivator on Youtube and even harsh man, he did not know the words «can’t» and «won’t work». What is remarkable dude has a lot of real achievements? He does the right thing by promoting sport and physical activity to the masses. His specific facial expressions, funny motivational phrases («Kiss my ass Paul!») and constantly bulging eyes remembered by everyone who has ever watched his videos.

Fletcher previously experienced the difficulties of life, because he was born in a family belonging to the religious sect. Dad the future of the lifter was harsh and even cruel, trying to educate the guy man on your own. In the future, Fletcher will tell you that his father is a total loser, who instead of doing something, the pants sit. The school years of our hero were held in the Compton area of Los Angeles, famous for epic wars between criminal gangs. The district was considered one of the most dangerous and criminal in the United States, and if you think that Fletcher is not affected you are very wrong. City quickly gained among fellow small gangsta groups, which was quite a bad idea. He at that time openly proud of their achievements in the field of crime, and all because they went against the will of the authoritarian father. Plush beard loved his mom and wanted to be like tookie Williams, one of the founders of the gang, «Crips», huge dude, who was sentenced to death.

City some time in jail for extortion, fights, vandalism and theft. But dealing with street gangs, you can say, good for future star lifting. Swing gangsta back then was considered good form, and the city also fell in love with it and began to swing with great pleasure. Fletcher himself did not spare, when he began to get involved in powerlifting. In the result of harsh training, our hero was a six-time world champion. Bench press three times and the rise of the biceps — also three times. One need only look at the harsh hills Teddy beard to show that this is true. Was the dude in the category of «Without steroids». Fletcher shook lying 295 kg. But he firmly says and even brings witnesses that in training he was able to shake 328 kg Best squat with a barbell on the shoulders was 328 lbs. In those days our hero was a huge carcass weighing more than 135 kg Raised to the biceps Beard 120 kg. the old Man was engaged in powerlifting from 1983 to 1997. It is noteworthy that at the time he absolutely did not limit themselves in power. You feel like to do sports, to have such a huge load and don’t limit yourself — a normal thing? Think again! Story Plush beard suggests to us that the diet and sport must go hand in hand.


When the city was a lifter, he did not limit themselves in food. The guy with great pleasure had consumed high-calorie foods of questionable content from a favorite local McDuck. The lifters usually have a very positive attitude to the nuggets, but there are so many does not allow! It was not only in love for trash-eating, Beard wanted to be the biggest dude in the world who can lift cars. City Fletcher used to eat four big Mac, four medium fries, thick milkshake and four of Apple pie for dessert. If you think it’s his diet for a few days, will disappoint you: the lifter was eating this huge amount of food at a time every weekday! In parallel to run these thousands of calories, our hero trains for wear. Nearly twenty years this way of life was commonplace for city, but even his phenomenally strong body could not endure such mockery: in 2005, Fletcher has a heart attack and he changed the valve. Prior to that, he several times got in the ambulance with you. Dude was trying to lose weight to avoid surgery, but he still changed the valve. To tell you the truth, our hero, this fact is unrealistic upset: he realized that such methods of training, he will certainly destroy himself, so the man decided to start a new life. To part with the rocking chair he wanted, so I chose bodybuilding. Two years of rehabilitation reduced the weight of Fletcher to 86 pounds. Now he eats only healthy food, but occasionally allows himself a favourite fast food. Food Fletcher consists of a large number of protein foods, because the one who does not use steroids, you need to grow a lot. Fletcher allows himself to fast food, only when not preparing for a competition. If in these difficult times, our hero has not found the support of friends, he probably wouldn’t be a coach and a famous person, and vegetated would be a fat pizza guy. Friends supported him and sent him on the right path.

Fletcher respects those who work. Dudes who come to the gym to pump up a beautiful abs or lose fat, according to this guy, do not deserve respect. Why? Because city devoted to the sport, believes that the body must be earned. Beard says that it is better to die, but to do his favorite thing and he knows exactly what he said, dude was on the verge of death because of his passion. Once our hero thought he was better than anyone with such unrealistic results. Like Ali, the city believed that his opponents are worthy only of contempt, but his players he tries to teach the other

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