Chuck Palahniuk: the hero is surrounded by villains: in 1999 on the screens out the film «Fight club», we wouldn’t have seen Edward Norton becomes an Internet meme and beat the young Jared Letto, and brad pitt, for example, making soap. But if in 1996 Chuck Palahniuk wrote the novel, it would be sad. «Fight club» has become a hallmark of the writer, which brought him wide popularity among readers of the Internet community and has become a cult film for several generations. But successful other books by Palahniuk? What it is: a minor work for Amateurs book porn or deep philosophy of life? Everything is in order, dude.

Charles Michael Palahniuk was born February 21, 1962 in Pasco, Washington. To the career of writer he was going forward – after graduation in 1986, Chuck moved to Portland and began working as a journalist in a local newspaper. However, it was difficult to make a living, so Palahniuk had to try myself in many areas: diesel mechanics, volunteering at the shelter, work in a hospice. He felt the underside of many places in their own skin, Chuck listened attentively to the conversations of the people around him and carefully gathered information for future works. Many of the characters and events taken from real life and only slightly embellished. The specific atmosphere of Portland from Palahniuk has a separate book «Fugitives and vagabonds» (2003).

The first work Chuck («Invisible monsters») absolutely do not like publishers. But the writer did not give up and gave myself a specific task – to annoy publishers even more. One of these provocations was the aforementioned «Fight club», shocking readers with candor and eccentricity. By the way, on the success of the eponymous film in 1999, the novel «Invisible monsters» was released, with it came «Survivor». In the same period, the first bestseller on the New York Times was the novel «Choke» (based on the novel in 2008 on the screens out the eponymous film in an unusual genre of tragicomedy with the original ending).

For the sake the same 1999, an incident occurred which determined the future career of the writer – Chuck’s father, Fred Palahniuk, shot and burned in the house with his girlfriend. A man who committed a brutal double murder, was sentenced to death. Palahniuk himself has not withdrawn from the business of life and began work on the book «lullaby» (2002). According to the author, this novel helped him to endure these terrible events and realize how true was the decision of the court against the murderers.

By this time, Palahniuk has developed his unique style, which he continued to publish books. You can easily distinguish his novels from the thousands of other conversations of the characters «uncut,» the narrative in the present tense and repetitive phrases in the text into memory (Palahniuk calls them «choruses» — «selection of gallery images»). Chuck never climbed by word in a pocket, so I want to believe the problems of the characters and live with them until the last page. The characters in his books – scum, unhappy people trying to find their place in this worthless world (and sometimes beyond, for example, in the novel «Cursed»). Many evils of modern society are manifested within the stories, ridiculed and disappear from the usual reality. Appears to be a kind and harmless Chuck is not afraid astropolitics and provocative topics, on the contrary, it clings to them and makes them journalistic character-based works of art. Chuck’s never been in trouble with the law and serious mental illness, but in the text it can display a drug dependency and suicidal like no other. For more entourage Palahniuk uses the picturesque scene of dismemberment, violence and sex, alternating with «helpful» advice on making bombs at home and how get the stain from the clothes.

Sometimes to restrain disgust and other mixed feelings for the events in the novels is difficult, however, to feel special look brilliant author of the modern world, you need to read at least few books from his repertoire. In 2004, in the March issue of Playboy has published short stories, which later became the basis for the book «Ghosts». Later was published the novel «Snuff» (2008), talks about the unknown side of the grandiose filming of a porno movie. Also special mention worthy one of a kind book of Palahniuk in the genre of non-fiction – «Fantastic fiction» (2004). Reading it is like having a dialogue with Chuck, because he shares the work on their creations, like to communicate with people and how you can build your own castle.

manygoodtips.com_15.08.2014_ASLJJDPKf4NzeFor those who repeatedly encountered the work of Palahniuk, and perhaps considers himself a fan of this author, there is good news – a month ago Chuck announced the release of a sequel to «Fight club». The exact date is unknown, but should be in April 2015 (yikes, that’s soon!). The real difference between publishing of the sequel and the original – more than 20 years, judging by the statements of the author, the events of the new book will also take readers to another generation. Usual Tyler Durden will have to try on the skin of fatherhood and to understand whether he is worthy to be in this role. And he said Palahniuk: «Tyler has existed for many centuries, it is not only a mental deviation from the norm». Well, dude, we have a whole year to mentally and spiritually prepare for this premiere and appreciate it!

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