Chuck Palahniuk has read the «children’s» version of Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk decided to change audience to read the main novel children. «Fight Club» has been specially adapted for young listeners, the new version was no place for cruelty and Mat. So, instead of fighting among themselves, the main characters were just goofing around and misbehaved. And the club was named «club monkey». Palahniuk explained his decision by the fact that all of his former readers have long started a family, matured, and even died – it is time for new guys. But the writer could not exactly his idea, as at some points reading his book, he goes to the Mat and bloody scenes.

The unnamed boy has beaten this guy, turning it into purple, swollen, chewed up like bubble gum, m***ka, covered in blood from head to toe, and then all live happily.

Chuck Palahniuk

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