Chuck Norris is a God compared to anyone!


Nobody knows how, for the first time on the Internet there are memes about Chuck Norris. Of course, if someone were to delve into the depths of the web, one will certainly find that these jokes first appeared in 2005, but keep track of who invented them first is no opportunity.

However, he Chuck Norris is not as simple as it seems. If a lot of different action actors from the 80’s, the era of VHS, actually even though and were able to swing the legs (a vivid example of Steven Seagal), but not on a professional level, the old Chuck really knew how to kick ass.


Carlos ray Norris is here real name is Chuck. Despite the fact that the Internet think that he was always, Chuck was born in 1940 in Oklahoma. Perhaps that Chuck wants what we all thought.

Norris was born in dire poverty, his mother divorced with his father, who drank like a fish, and married George knight. Stepfather just Chuck instilled a huge love of the sport. From early childhood, our hero wanted to be a COP, he even enlisted in the army, but the service seemed really boring, so he enrolled in a judo section, and later began attending the group, Tansudo Korean martial arts. When Chuck returned home from service, he already had a black belt in karate. In the army, Carlos first called Chuck. Thus was born our hero.


In the period from 1963 to 1968 Chuck opens many karate schools. The business was so successful that in 5 years, Norris has already opened 32 schools (!). In parallel, he participates in various competitions in 1965, participating in the championship all-star game in Los Angeles, and in 1968 becoming a world champion in karate at light heavyweight. As you can see, man, Norris is not a finger to do and how to hit in the face with a roundhouse kick does.

Wallpaper - Chuck Norris & Lou Ferrigno

Got into the movie Chuck accidentally — with the help of his student Steve McQueen, whom he had taught to fight in one of their schools. With his help, Chuck starred in the movie «way of the dragon» along with a wild and unbridled Bruce Lee. To most people this role is remembered that Norris, as if to say it mildly, tore the Dec hair. This role made us sympathize with the dude, because it’s so painful!!! And Chuck there was a scary blonde. Then Chuck realized what he wanted to do.

The next movie Chuck («Slaughter in San Francisco») became a hell, its not even released in theaters. Then Norris sat down, a good thought, destroyed a small third world country by a kick from a turn and decided to professionally pursue acting. 34-year-old actor was the oldest actor in his class. However, we do not think that it is very complexed.


And so began the acting career of Chuck. He continued acting in films and continued to train people in martial arts. During his life he became the world champion seven times!! In addition to karate and judo Chuck studied such martial arts as JIU-jitsu and rolling around on the boat. Norris became the first man in the West, who was handed the belt 8th degree in Taekwondo. Have no idea what it is, but zvuchi wildly cool.

The most famous works of Chuck of steel in the movie «Lone wolf McQuade», «missing», «Detachment » Delta», «Forest warrior» and, of course, wildly long series «Cool Walker», which lasted 9 seasons and brought the Walker world popularity. Here Chuck and revealed his inhuman potential.


Besides a lot of karate schools around the world (one is in Russia) at Chuck’s club (located in Russia) and casino (in Los Angeles). Chuck organizes a variety of charities.


In 2005, when appeared the first facts about Chuck Norris, Chuck was a bit surprised, but said he doesn’t mind. And was advised to buy people from the Internet one of his new books. By the way, a total of 7. And there is about the wild, Wild West.

In fact, this article was practically written for them. Darling. The best facts about Chuck version

Chuck Norris in childhood slept with a real bear.

Chuck Norris does not wash his clothes, he disembowels her.

Chuck Norris counted to infinity… Twice.

Once Chuck Norris ate an hour three five-pound steak. The first 45 minutes he just stared at them.

Many men have one testicle larger than the other. Chuck Norris EACH egg more than the other.

There is no theory of evolution — just a list of creatures Chuck Norris spared.

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