Christopher Walken — probably the weirdest actor of our time, 26.07.2013, rGn1cy3ofzzuMGMwzCXWW7jdRMiXH5cD

Fuck johnny Depp and that weird woman who plays Bellatrix Lestrade and Marla singer. Yes, she’s weird as hell, like Depp himself, but there are far more strange actor. His name is Christopher Walken and he’s the weirdest dude in the world. This bro can read a piece of paper, to forget the words, to not speak with the intonation, right, and right in the middle, insert the phrase: «what the Hell, I want cake, but you have to keep your hands to yourself, johnny? Heh?»

Christopher Walken is incredible, exceptional, and most importantly — he’s not trying to be that, he really is. A bro think he’s an alien from a distant planet. And he himself recognized this. Real name Walken, by the way, Ronald.

Early childhood Walken showed himself as an outstanding person and a creative person. From an early age (or rather, five) he played in theater plays, starred in the TV series, manifesting itself as an actor, the actor and only the actor. At 16 bro performed on Broadway with dancing and even met with a young Liza Mineli. Dude seemed genuinely trying to be normal, but somehow it did not work: went to University, hung out there for a bit and left. And where did young Christopher Walken? You wouldn’t believe! The guy was a trainer of lions! Well, and occasionally danced here and there. And along the way changed his name to Christopher., 25.07.2013, LYxLKUynZgn1cTezfPSTRshnVWGV0dnj

Special difficulties in the career of Christopher never had. He was soon nominated for an Oscar for the film «the deer Hunter», which I agree, is really cool. It should be noted that Christopher Walken in all seriousness I have never refused a role. Even frankly bad roles in bad movies, frankly. Especially the Walken out the role of notorious villains who have obvious mental problems. And just weird guys Christopher be great.

The first big villain was Walken in the film about James bond «view to a kill» with Roger Moore. In this film Christopher convincingly tried to blow up Silicon Valley. But somehow it never happened., 25.07.2013, 1nKxLibppI7DJsVdjZafbu5qdWhWpMRQ

Why Walken really all that weird? The fact that Christopher is very fond of the dialogues. But when the text contains comments, such as «gentle-said, said quietly,» Walken gets mad and does the opposite.

The most fruitful for Christopher steel nineties. First, Walken finally played the drug Lord that he really is, and secondly, the film is really good. Unstable psyche Walken always helped him play people with unstable mentality. However, Walken seems to be still a good man. Although alarming., 25.07.2013, lSz6nOKLJZvga2NOiSPYf48R2NP5O8n6

Of course, the most famous actor of Walken’s experience in the nineties became famous Tarantino film «pulp fiction.» Walken has never refused a role, as you remember, believing that to do any movies, just to do. He never thought a Tarantino film will have a popularity, but the role of consisting of one continuous monologue, terribly attracted to him. This is the famous monologue about the gold watch of the soldier who came back from Vietnamese captivity. First a touching monologue, because it tells us about real friendship and the continuity of generations, the men of war who wish to convey the gold watch to his descendants. And then we find out that Butch’s father kept this watch 5 years… In the ass. Here is the monologue has ended, and we still think about this piece of metal.

In the nineties Walken starred in the sequel to «Batman» by Tim Burton, where he played a negative character reference. Well, by the way, played. Remember. But most of all I remember his role in the film «Sleepy hollow», which Christopher did not utter a single replica, if you do not count all «A-Ah!» and «R-R-R!».

Walken also did not hesitate to appear in computer games. His most memorable role for me was the role in the quest Ripper on the platform, which, alas, sunk into Oblivion.

I’m not going to write about all the films with the participation of Walken I’ve ever seen. Dude’s got more than a few hundred. But the last movies I really liked the ribbon «7 psychopaths,» which, in fact, about psychopaths. A very strange film. But Walken looks harmonious there, guess why?

One has only to listen to the words of Christopher Walken, to understand that he’s an alien. From bro there is not only the computer but also phone. Even a wristwatch is not the guy. Once the Walken was advised to go to the psychiatrist, Walken and addressed. While a man takes home, walked away, Christopher looked into the kitchen and saw a large number of dirty dishes. He reasoned that the man who is unable to cope with the dishes, has no right to advise him how to live. And left without saying goodbye., 25.07.2013, OyIv9D1uXUnWCAd2R8gH2ByZrhbrnIlE

In addition, Walken hates children. Yes, he’s monogamous (man forty years living with a woman he loves), but he is not terribly fond of children. Says they distract him from his roles and movies. The man also admits that his hobby is not. His hobby is cinema. Holiday is also shooting, you always have somewhere to go.

By the way, Walken is a favorite draw. When he was in the first day there on the set, he makes a sad face. When asked what was the matter, he did not respond, and then says his birthday and he is forced to spend it alone and without a cake. Before lunch he brought the cake. Well, the man has a sweet tooth, what to do.

As a professional dancer Walken starred in the clip of Fat Boy Slim, you probably saw.

In the West, Walken incredibly popular. He is the hero of numerous parodies, the man who all genuinely love and appreciate. Here’s 11 more reasons from Nostalgia critic.

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