Christophe Bossamba


This guy from Paris, he has over seven years working with the camera. During this time he managed to see many beautiful and naked women’s bodies. He did not immediately become a fashion photographer, in fact, Christophe managed to change enough jobs. For example, he worked in the media, on one famous magazine, he was the developer of web design, as well as in the field of project management.

His middle name Mista.Boos and it works not only with the French, this guy’s got established contacts and contracts with the United States, Britain, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, and maybe soon Russia will get to. His life it is impossible not to envy, he is young, promising and interesting. Christophe travels regularly works with interesting projects, met with the most beautiful and liberated girls.

Christophe dissecting the world with his camera, but without his girlfriend because he is in free float. Indeed, why limit yourself by ties of obligation, if it is possible to freely look at beautiful girls.

Now, enjoy yourself.

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