Christmas tree made of pallets

Dude, guess what we have planned for you? You know our passion for pallets and various products from them? So, on New year’s eve we offer you to build the tree of our favorite pallets. Harsh tree for harsh men!

1. What you need

  • 2 pallets;
  • pipe;
  • stump.

2. Demontiraj

The most difficult thing in this whole story – the parsing of the pallets. Prepare a playlist with your favorite music and get to work. You need to get rid of staples, fastening the Board. You will need about 300 boards.

3. Do basis

For the basics you need to fit a piece of plastic pipe. And have a small stump in the center to make a recess for the pipe – stem.

4. Measure and cut

Now you need to choose a size for the lower branches. Suggest to start with 50 inches, then tier for tier to reduce the length of the boards. Now in these future branches you need to make holes so you can put them on the trunk. After you will only collect this wonderful tree.

5. Enjoy

Who said that boys ‘ apartment misanthrope should not be decorated for the New year? This super-tree will give you +5 to warmth and +67 to rudeness. If you do have a friend who does not approve of your love of pallets, you can drag your tree in the garage or in the yard, previously adorned her with a garland.

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