Christian bale: the best Batman and actor

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_UTO37VCyhPLLvI’m always and everywhere looking for places that are dark, like a mushroom that grows in the shadows and swells from the juicy, greasy shit. But I think there’s nothing wrong with being a mushroom.Today we’ll know the outcome of the confrontation of two beefy and well-groomed men – Batman and Superman. Who is stronger – guess to hide red underwear under pants only 70 years, Clark Kent or obtained a strong-willed chin of Ben Affleck comrade Bruce Wayne? This is what we learn in the movie, and at the same time learn how to cope with their responsibilities screenwriter «Good will hunting» and directed «Operation Argo». So now imagine that under the black mask and ribbed cloak to hide someone other than Christian Bale, it is impossible, even with so many trailers, interviews and footage of respected and incredibly talented Mr. Affleck.

Just bale has set a seemingly unreachable bar and embody the hero of Gotham the way we pictured it in the comics and the great animated series. Michael Keaton, George Clooney, you are wonderful actors, but you are Batman. Batman – Christian Bale. But, honestly, ashamed to do this extremely talented British hostage to one role, especially a superhero. Bale can play anyone, and his entire career he successfully proves. Illusionist, fights with Hugh Jackman for a place under the sun, or charismatic psychopath, enthusiastically hacking people with an axe. Bale is a good actor, and all subsequent text will be one good actor from people who are not in the fan club, and just appreciate talent.

Children’s roles

I began acting so early that I can no longer imagine a different life, a different profession. Every time I thought about some alternatives, I was horrified: I can’t bear the idea that I could work somewhere in the office every day from nine to five to do the same. My body is very determined to frequently change the level of emotions, adrenaline, relationships with other people.Bale was destined to become an actor. Both of his grandfathers were engaged in mummery, and my mother was a circus artist. Separated only dad became a pilot. His older sisters (Christian is the youngest of four children) to become a film Director and musician, respectively. By the way, the family is pretty weird and creative on his head, so to do some creative work he was told the fate of. After filming «the Dark knight» the mother called the police and said that my son threatened to beat her sister, but then parted amicably, deciding that not so understood each other.

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_3tFaRjg6U4F8qChris began to be an actor, and in an age when some of us mother tied the laces. At age 9, he starred in the advertising of cereal, and since then still did not show any interest in play-acting, the guy started smoothly, step by step to learn the craft. Come down to the fact that the talented boy was noticed by the man whom the English Queen was called «My frog». Rowan Atkinson called a guy in the play «the Nerd» at the prestigious theater area of London – » London West End Stage. I must say that even then he predicted a bright future, and Mr. Bean even patted him on the shoulder. Apparently, out of envy, because he played the kid is not worse than the famous comedian.

Bale has become one of the most beloved older uncle-Directors of young actors. Uncle gave him the main role, which the boy cope with adult seriousness. The first film was very beautiful Soviet-Scandinavian (Yes, the one and only of the Soviet Union) the picture of «Mio, my Mio» based on the novel of the mother «Carlson» by Astrid Lindgren. It was then, in 1987, an event occurred which by strange coincidence is not reflected on a commemorative plaque Alupka DK: «Christian bale visited the Crimea». (Even the article it became lighter after mentioning the Crimea.)

However, the delicious fruits of world-wide fame Chris tried after working with the person for whom to light a new star – like dunk in the hummus falafel. It is about the genius Director and make films about Jewish suffering Steven Spielberg. In the drama «Empire of the sun» Chris played an English teenager who is stuck with his parents in Shanghai, China, languishing under the yoke of Japanese genocide during the Second world war. Unfortunately, the guy is in a terrible and glorious their sadism, even by the standards of Nazi concentration camp, and the name bale on the lips of critics. For this role the actor gets the award for «Outstanding work by a young actor» from the National Council of film critics USA, which is still not practiced. Bale, despite his age, is so authentic handed character frightened boy locked strangers with strangers, what is to be noted that only one of the fees would be at least improper. Critics and Directors in the form of Chris good the eyes moist: the idea that cinema has a future, warmed their hearts. Think about one thing only: not spoiled.Chris, to his credit, to deteriorate didn’t want and wanted to pass the test of copper pipes, took a very adult decision: rejecting a broad gesture scripts prepared and advertising projects, he abandons the movie. In fact, 13-year-old just tired of the attention. He is by nature a quiet man, and then ran up to him peers and gerostratom complex and typical child cruelty and throw hurtful insults to provoke a fight and then brag to everyone that beat the actor. And regular press conferences were distressed by the growing body. In the movies he liked, but the childhood I wanted more.

It was just awful. I almost cried in an interview at the press conference, and ran away under some pretext.At this time, the guy trained in acting, takes part in Shakespearean productions, is not notice a dramatic difference between the fee of the theatrical and cinematic.

Movie Mature 1992, matured 18-year-old boyfriend’s back in movie and in adult roles. However, in these films, he had not so much to play, how to sing and dance. I must say, their roles, he approached very seriously and took lessons of choreography, danced to «Swinging children». That glorious film was nominated for three «Oscar», and then Chris called voice of John Smith in «Pocahontas» (Pocahontas). After that, bale voiced the animation only once, and that was the legendary anime «the Wandering castle».

In the 90s Chris haven’t got an army, but a detachment of supporters, a good reputation and a large number of minor roles. His name was a great film to great artists, but the role of behind. Among the most notable were a «Secret agent» and «Velvet mine» – a story about David Bowie and Iggy Pop through the eyes of a fellow fan. Im and pretended to be bale, and the prototypes of the fathers of rock played by Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Bale plays a guy with delayed development, whose little Pets one by one kills his stepfather, played in Shakespeare’s «a Midsummer night’s Dream», but the real success came in the distant 2000. the Book of Bret Easton Ellis’s American psycho is quite difficult and is a cult on the level of «Fight club» Palahniuk. Accordingly, the movie came out more provocative, subversive, after which Christian, many journalists began to impress for the courage. But the main role was to play Leon DiCaprio, but imagine it this place is just unreal.

I remember I felt an almost physical pleasure, playing Patrick Bateman in «American psycho», so immediately decided that he was not a real figure, and my puppet, which changes the emotional temperature in my volition. Not only that I was made to feel! It was so cool!Chris carefully prepared for this role. He changed four of his front teeth and lost his English smile. In addition, the actor increased muscle and removed from the body all the hair. And to play a truly gross scene in bed it several hours methodically and enthusiastically watched porn. However, such actions are justified after the release of the film Christian has become one of the most sought after actors.

The beginning of the two thousandth seemed Golden and rich in Thriller. Undervalued, taken in the spirit of the «Matrix» driving «equilibrium», where the Welshman boasted to the world their physical form, apparently, the same role, after which all fell in love with the cool and correct way to escape the burden of a killer. Then he slurred the dragon’s story «reign of fire», which is inferior to even «Drakosha and the company». At this time Chris was a reference uploaded, but sent to hell with their muscle and mass to star in «the Machinist» – Arthouse mystery, which I remember only because for her sake he lost to a state of a living skeleton. So fanatically suitable actor to his role and image. Another time his fanaticism manifested itself during the filming of «Batman», but before that the producers demanded the return of the musculature of the times of «Equilibrium».


manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_4XiJ893pfXuV5 We wanted to make you forget Batman as he was to our film.By the time the stories about the masters of martial arts living with Prim and proper Butler, he experienced a severe crisis. In terms of comics and cartoon everything was fine, but on movies to watch without tears it is impossible. Almost none of them lived up to the expectations of the fan. Senseless costume pornography, the latest movies completely killed the audience’s enthusiasm. To do this, called the then young Christopher Nolan, entrusting a 35-year-old Director of Titanic difficult task – to revive the stories about the man-bat. What Nolan called talented and responsible actor, in fact, giving him the chance of the talented and famous to become a superstar. Happened chemistry, shooting gear smeared a large amount of talent and uterus of filmmaking fertilized the seed directorial and acting genius.

It is clear that this was the time when superhero movies didn’t happen every month and not time to get bored. It is clear that the image of Batman, like Spider-Man are doomed to global success more than gomicheskie Captain America and Superman. But even if bale was playing, say, a red Captain, he would not remain unnoticed. All part of the refreshing and fascinating «the Beginning», the legendary «Dark knight» and «the legend» – set the tone for a superhero movie. Bale was good for its authenticity, the ability to emphasize the dark atmosphere of Gotham and transfer like carbon paper, but with your own handwriting, clumsy habits of a silent millionaire who is saving the world in your free time. So, «the Dark knight» – is entirely of the film in the name of talent Heath Ledger, which blocked all. But it had to happen, because the charisma of the Joker – the strongest part of the series, Ledger reference showed to the world. But bubbling over the edge of mania have not lost the talent of our today’s hero. By the way, they are very close friends with Heath, and after his death, the bale fell into a serious depression.By the way, a little more about the approach of the Bale. For each new role, he uses his unique pronunciation. He decided not to give interviews to the film «Batman begins» in his native English with a Welsh accent, because they thought that the Batman is an American icon. Instead, the actor used the mid-America pronunciation.

For the role of Batman, I made a perfect white teeth. When I look in the mirror, miss my ex, quintessentially British – though not the most beautiful, but painfully my family…And you know what is interesting in the history with Bale and Batman? The fact that in 1995, he auditioned for the role of Robin. What an irony!

By the way, the actor auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson in «Titanic» and almost got it, but the filmmakers decided that it’s not nice to have two Brits in the roles of Americans and chose Leonardo Di Caprio. And yet – for the role of will Turner in «Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the black pearl» and James bond in «Casino Royale» (2006). But no luck. Apparently, for bond it is too harsh and bold eyes, and for will, he is a very experienced and self-sufficient. That’s Black Beard – please.


manygoodtips.com_24.03.2016_oZqRbek83dkhhNow I have a special period in his career – playing Jews.After that it was a lot of blockbusters like «the Terminator», where the son of Sarah Connor, embodied Bale, failed to win the desire of viewers to see Arnie. Was beautiful, like a fairy tale, and fascinating as a detective story, a Thriller about fokusnika showdown «Prestige». Was, in the end, «the Fighter», for which bale won an «Oscar». It’s a shame that I forgot about it. Even the recent nomination for the «Scam American way» was forgotten.

Bale tried everything in his career, having been on the light side of the author’s movie is not for everyone and on the dark side of mass pop kornevogo kintz. But he is equally good everywhere. Good in its approach and implementation. He was still hard role, which is even ready to cuss out innocent operator. His harsh and violent temper is legendary, however he is able to joke and laugh at themselves. Partners in movies always spoke of him with respect and warmth, calling Bale a true professional and a man of tremendous discipline. Not alien to him, and humane behavior, for example, he took the trouble to meet with a dying cancer boy wanted to see his idol in person. After this incident, a miracle happened: the disease went into remission.

Bale wants to love another and that he has never been in the center of the scandal. In secrecy has its big pluses.

A man who recently embodied the image of the biblical Moses, saying that he «was rather interesting schizophrenic and a barbarian», and as a child grimacing with Mr Bean. His career only goes and let it go on indefinitely, we don’t mind. But please, a couple of movies like «Equilibrium» and «American psycho» – they are particularly short of in our meager on the masterpieces of the time.

I was born in Wales, but I can’t be proud of this fact because in the age of eighteen my parents moved to England. I could be a proud Englishman and to look down on other Nations, but have long since moved to America, and British for me, I’m afraid, left a bit – except that ineradicable accent.

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