Choose the perfect snack to beer quality beer tastes even better surrounded by the right things: friends, football and great Goodies that are perfect for Penn. To find such a meal would be much simpler if not for the huge variety of possible options. And varieties and brands of beer even more. Try to give some practical tips on how to choose the perfect snack to go with beer.

1. Use the senses

Breathe in the aroma. What do you feel? Sweet smell of fruits, spices herbs, heavy aroma of hops?

Take into service rule: bitter to bitter, sweet sweet.

But try to choose a snack to the bitterness (or sweetness) beer is not perfect the taste. However, in all rules there are exceptions: the classic combination of dark chocolate with a strong intoxicating beverage.

2. Spot the similarity

Beer is more like the definition of food than you can imagine. Almost everything that you can find among the food you can find in beer.

There are over one hundred types of beer that have their own unique flavor. Tropical fruits, salt, hops, bread — all that exists in every SIP of a quality product.

Experimenting with flavors, try to play on the contrast. Combine a light lager beer with fatty foods: fried wings in the marinade, the meat cooked on the grill, and even a whole chicken, deep fried with spices in the oven!

Beer «type beer-based mixed», where the predominant chocolate tone, goes well with dessert chocolate.

3. Don’t let one flavor dominate

Intensive taste of the food is able to «interrupt» light Beers, and an intense taste of beer «override» light foods. You want to achieve harmony. The percentage of alcohol is a good guide, so the higher the alcohol, the stronger should be eating to balance it.

Try a proven combination. Thick porter goes well with stews, roasted meat or grilled chicken. It is oysters or Roquefort cheese (and any other sharp cheese, not necessarily with layers of mold). Beer type Pilsner Lagerbier or goes well with grilled sausages or roast pork. Lagerbier is also perfectly sets off the flavor of seafood (shrimp, squid, mussels). Classic salted fatty fish is also good and time-tested option.

4. Balance

The intensity of the taste of the drink consists of such factors as the fortress, hop bitterness, podsushennoy, type of malt. Take into account and what time of year you decided to have a feast for the whole world. In the hot summer it is better to give preference to the lighter grades of beer and not to load the stomach fat, but tasty food. And alcohol increases your body temperature and imperceptibly, but shock pounding on the nuts. And we are lovers, not alcoholics.

5. Step on the gas

Why beer and food pair better than wine and food? The answer is simple. Bubbles.

The level of carbonation of the beer affects the taste of beer in General, since the gas bubbles in beer have a catalytic effect on the effect including of hop bitterness on the receptors. The carbonation of the beer, the same plus, which wine does not. These bubbles cleanse the taste buds, which is especially important when you eat greasy fried food. Although if you drink much Kairouan, it suits perfectly with baked fish or Turkey, as it will enhance the taste of these wonderful dishes.

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