Choose and wear the bag correctly

We have seen the relevance of this question when before our eyes appeared the citizen of the right in 1997, in a tracksuit, with a gold tooth and a leather purse in his hands. Really difficult to understand when there are so many varieties of bags. And without bags is impossible, no way. As possible without bags, especially in the summer? Wallet, phone, car keys, brass knuckles, pipe for Smoking, condoms – all pockets will not fit. Therefore, choose a bag and pick up her clothes.



Real, good leather briefcase is not perceived as a school bag. The portfolio has become a household word, and it equates even school backpacks. But the real adult peasant briefcase is the most classic that can be. Times go by, and his popularity has not decreased. Of course, in a purely business people. Here you need to put important papers, contracts and other need to work things out. In addition, it is so big that to fit two bottles of beer, a tablet, a laptop, a knife and an umbrella – all that is so necessary in everyday life business man.

The basic principles of portfolio selection has been relevant for decades: genuine leather, convenient zip closure and functionality, due to the balanced arrangement of internal divisions and pockets. Because of these qualities, portfolio and remains a timeless category.

I think you already understand that this is a very sensible thing can only be worn with a business suit. Or that judge’s robe and uniform, if in life you are so lucky. A casual style combined with a portfolio is still not worth it.

Messenger bag


Thank you postal service for creating such a handy bag, gradually migrated to the state of men’s accessories. This is probably one of the most popular options, the bag at all times. Throw them over your shoulder and students, and business people, for a good messenger bag, and even expensive leather, can beat a portfolio. In terms of practicality and convenience will certainly surpass is still here and the third bottle will fit.

From other this accessory is characterized by a large front cap-valve, and it is supplied with a wide strap. In this model, men’s bags practicality should take precedence over decorative effect, so additional pockets, buckles and compartments – only extra, takes the place of tinsel.

So, if you wearing a business suit, comfortable casual, or you regularly wear both, don’t worry: with a messenger bag you won’t look ridiculous.



Tote, or large «shopping» bag – this type of men’s bags have appeared recently, he came to the abode of the male gonad of the female wardrobe. Tote bag often made of soft leather brown and black shades, pens, typically have an average length. If the material and finish of the bag looks expensive, and its color is brown or black then it can easily replace men’s briefcase. Nevertheless, many perceive them as a gay attribute. And some spit, because she is like a sack: it can easily take a picture of the Museum.

But the most expressive is the length. If you’re too low, bulky bag will look on you. Men’s tote made to carry by the handles; if you hang the straps on the shoulder, you can automatically turn into a woman. Only at observance of these rules, this model fits perfectly into business closet. So wear it with business casual attire. With a jacket and jeans seems logical, although for many unusual.

Travel bag


Bulky suitcases are already replaced by small, stylish, but very roomy and functional traveling bags, garment bags reminiscent.

It fits so many things: documents, laptop, sporting equipment, a new Zealand dwarf Cape. Most importantly, it can be worn over the shoulder. When choosing colors such accessories try to stick to brown and black. The darker and rougher the skin, the better. This is a versatile bag goes well with almost any clothing. If it is made of good leather and has a high quality expensive hardware, it easily can be used in particular as a business accessory.



Before you go buying a new handbag, you should decide what you a new sumari – every day or just for weekends. An excellent option for every day is a backpack. Fashion for him will never go away. Besides, backpacks are available in almost any purchaser at the price. They appreciated students and outdoor enthusiasts, and simply those who like to hold hands on both straps. This before a grown man with a backpack in the city looked like a hopeless hippy, but after one after the other designers, starting with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and ending with the brand IceBerg, were vying with each other to offer their customers fashionable backpacks, this kind of bag acquired a cult status among hipsters of all stripes. So with stylish leather backpack brown or black you have exactly be a trend. But backpack made of thick nylon will look not worse.

It is important not to be mistaken with the size of the backpack. The best option for men – medium size, not too big, but not small. The backpack should be deep enough to fit everything you need you every day things. What to put, you know that.

It needs to have a pleasing appearance and smooth pockets. Do not buy for every day travel backpack with lots of pockets and zips, otherwise you will not understand. Of them – only in the mountains.

As for clothes, backpack worn with everything: shorts, and casual. However, in a suit with a backpack you will look like the first grader-age-than-adequate human, even if the backpack is leather. And certain nylon model look with sportswear.



Forget about the leather clutch bag that your dad survived in the harsh 90-that is a Classic purse has a long strap that you want to throw over the shoulder. The perfect thing when you need to take a minimum of necessary items. Pull the strap over your fat belly, out of your Hyundai Accent and you will go to buy drywall on the wholesale basis.

The purse can only be worn with clothes in casual style, classic with this accessory is absolutely unacceptable.

The purses can be compared and miniature bags-pouches. Approximately so worn Galifianakis in «the hangover». The essence is the same. And wear it with the same.

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