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Each of us in the childhood went to some section. The guys from our editorial is no exception. And while writing articles about self-defense in the editorial inflamed the serious battle over the choice of the specific type of self-defense.

So we decided in the future to write an article evaluation of certain types of martial arts. In the evaluation criteria are logged in as the simplicity and efficiency of use of a particular sport in «real terms». Well, the future has arrived, get down.

1. Boxing

manygoodtips.com_5.01.2015_r8iU95Q3buz4wBoxing is the most common and one of the most contact sports around the world. First tournament with fisticuffs, which then grew into a box, took place in Ancient Greece. Of course, back then it was a little different, people beat each other with their fists without gloves and hats, and we get back to real life. In Boxing one of the main components is endurance. That is why all the films about Boxing, we see a run or jump rope junkie.

Ease of development: for the beginning of development of Boxing of course, you need to come to the Boxing school, good thing, in Russia club of Boxing is in almost every village. So this is no problem. Special stretch marks or any other initial skills, in addition to normal physical training and the ability to compress hands in a fist, no.

Duration of training: before you can squeeze out something worthwhile, it should take at least six months. In fact, it is not enough, because in some kung-fu you need at least a few years.

Entertainment: if it wouldn’t be Boxing spectacular, not would suit him so many Championships, doesn’t it? And if you include the box of mud (about the TV), then in Russia after the news comes a Box.

Efficiency: in real life, Boxing is one of the most effective sports. If you are attacked in any of the lanes, then that’s that, and the fists will always be with you. A pair of three sharp blows to the head will fall down almost any wild boar, and hit in the solar plexus and abdomen to discourage the desire to chase after you. And no matter what pants you’re going, you don’t have to put our feet up above the navel.

2. Karate

manygoodtips.com_5.01.2015_TdqMxQzVXKhydHas been used a narrow-eyed malicious uncles from the East. Unlike JIU-jitsu, karate or judo, almost no use grabs and throws. Most of the techniques – strikes with hands or feet. For entertainment there is little that is superior to karate. Guys in kimono, various Kato, screaming at each hit – all permeated with the culture of martial arts.

Ease of development: in Russia, karate has long been banned and only recently became widespread. So karate clubs in Russia, not so much. For karate, you need to have a good stretch, than many dudes have problems. Of course, we know that at the age of 9 years you drop into the splits and was able to catch up more than 20 times, but now you have to do the splits, or at least to raise the foot above the waist without pain you know the places.

Duration of training: karate, the duration of training is higher than in Boxing. You will need to examine the many cut, to a few belts and a lot of times in the face before you get picked up many techniques of karate.

Entertainment: as written above, this is the most entertaining sport from our point of view.

Efficiency: at the beginning of your training you are unlikely to get out of a fight without a scratch, as in a steep militants. Karate, like many other Eastern martial arts were invented more to protect unarmed peasants than to attack. So at the beginning of your training you will learn to defend well. Plus there are various gaskets of the hands and feet. In the winter time on ice with his feet, of course, will be more difficult, but who said that the way of the warrior is easy?

3. Sambo cool, but it stands for a pretty simple phrase: self-defense without weapons. That’s all you need to know about Sambo. That is the Patriotic martial art as it was created in the USSR.

Ease of development: where, as we have at home, to learn Sambo? For the beginning of the training does not need anything special. Just be in shape and buy some equipment.

Duration of training: after a few classes you will learn the basics and be able to apply some of the techniques in practice. Since Sambo is mainly a struggle – a lot depends on what techniques and ability to implement them.

Entertainment: one thing – sport Sambo (this is wrestling), another battle. Anyone, but men who are lying on the ground, didn’t seem particularly spectacular. Another thing, if the front stalls will fly a pair of turntables or jabs.

Efficiency: since it is self-defense without weapons, and efficacy in this sport, not take away. To protect yourself you can definitely do that. Most importantly don’t be afraid to roll around in the mud. Another thing, if the attackers will be more than one, then you need skills in combat Sambo.

4. Taekwondo martial art that uses mainly the legs. Initially, the goal of this martial art was to dislodge the rider from the saddle, this explains the different jumps and scoring of feet above his own head.

Easy to learn: similar to karate. It is best to go to Taekwondo with a good stretch. Of course, the punches here too, but the emphasis is on the legs.

Duration of training: like most martial arts, the duration of training of the fighter is quite large. Improvement of various techniques and bringing your body to the desired state requires a lot of time.

Entertainment: when feet fly in all directions and doing all of this dude in a kimono, it is very spectacular. The more opportunity to lift his leg up to his head not everyone can.

Efficiency: of course, having honed his skill to perfection, nobody will be terrible, but Taekwondo is one minus: in a classic Taekwondo mainly protected the torso and hand near the head to keep not accepted, so you can earn a good hard slap. And the clothes need to wear appropriate. In jeans or slacks is quite bad with mobility. Even though the travelling feet first dude will force the villains to run away from him.

5. Thai Boxing

Hold.kom.ua_5.01.2015_ptAv06GhbidYsDifferently- Muay Thai or the battle of eight limbs. Why eight? Because in addition to the hands and feet are going to battle elbows and knees. To some extent similar to karate, but has no cat. Also like in Boxing (not for nothing is it called Thai Boxing).

Ease of development: developed about the same as the box. For a beginner requires initial physical preparation. Even in Thai Boxing and got hit in the head, stretching is not so important.

Duration of training: after six months of lessons you will show off skills in hurting people in different ways.

Entertainment: entertainment Thai Boxing and Boxing are about the same level. Although they say that Thai Boxing is more entertaining because of the kicks.

Efficiency: if absolutely to simplify, Muay Thai is Boxing and kicking, so the efficacy of Thai Boxing with the walls of the hall realized without any doubts. A lot of people are not ready for the kicks and reflexively lowered his hands to protect the lower part of the body, at this point, and useful skills of Boxing. And the business card of Thai Boxing – lowkick – has not been canceled.

6. JIU-jitsu

manygoodtips.com_5.01.2015_LbJ5WljCHfpsySchool of martial arts, designed to draw the enemy’s strength against him. Was used by the samurai to protect against an armed enemy. To beat the armor is quite stupid and painful for the defender, so this martial art is dominated by swells and creases.

Ease of development: this martial art can be mastered by any person (even your girlfriend), he has no need for great strength or endurance.

The duration of the training: as with all martial arts, it takes time and time again.

Entertainment: much fuss in the stalls at competitions entertainment is almost no. Only an experienced lover of this direction will understand the whole bunch correct deflections and insights on the pain.

Efficiency: ideally, by mastering the technique of JIU-jitsu to the face or to be crippled practically not possible. Each enemy attack will be directed against it. Each capture will lead to pain. Only here will stop the pain Gopnik? That is another question, although nobody forbids to break his fingers or hand.

In conclusion I want to say that every sport is good and it is better to do at least something, than to sit at home and grow fat on the abdomen. What is right for you to decide, again, to you. Go to a free lesson in each section and choose your art for the soul. And if you’ve already chosen, write in the comments what and why.

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