Chocolate with a very specific taste

taken and the required data

Many people have strange tastes. Someone puts in the soup beans that are not yet sounds strange, someone is eating cheese with any products, someone sprinkles cereal with sugar, some prefer chocolate… cheese and onions. Milk.

It was released by the Irish company Tayto. Most people were strongly against, but on the shelves of British shops received 100 000 bars with amazing taste. And, most surprisingly, they were sold out. Classy move, dude! Everyone wants to try disgusting strange bar.

By the way, about the reviews. A lot of them, the people earnestly discussing the entire range of flavor of strange chocolate. Executive Director of the company with the cool name Eamon Eastwood said that the taste of chocolate is very crispy, and then suddenly there comes the taste of cheese and onions.

Reaction to the product is very different. One girl in awe of such a taste, they say, passion as invigorating, but the user with the nickname @ ErnieNinja this chocolate has my appetite. And for a long time.

And as you to the new product?

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