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Good day. My question is — how do you get serious? I myself am a very quiet person, not rough, not hard. But the environment I was bullied. I am affected by their society, they perceive me as a normal guy. Because of this, get angry and hate, and it becomes somehow easier, if being evil is easier and better. Help Council how to become more serious and confident, and to me watched as a tall man.


And Hello to you. Yes, you have a strange desire. A lot of guys on the contrary I think that when you are everything and when you perceive as «your», it becomes easier to live. Again, my advice would be more useful if you wrote your age. By the way, guys, if possible, specify in the questions, how old you are.

So you want to become more serious and more confident. What I don’t understand: you say that you yourself are calm and not rough boy and you, in principle, in the skin life is good, but you’re eating at someone else’s opinion? Why is that? So you feel comfortable with your character, but you hate that you are not satisfied with the other? Well, you give! We’re in their articles are constantly talking about why you should score on someone else’s opinion.

No, we are not asking you to stand in one line with the hipsters and go with banners on the independence on the street. You don’t have to shout about your indifference, you just should not care. Another thing, if, in addition to external factors, you yourself are not satisfied and you have just hard to live behind a mask of carelessness.

I say this because there is a big difference in how to appear serious and to actually be so. If you’re only interested in visibility, you can do a change in appearance, as is done in various fashion shows. In the minds of our generation sat down miserable the thought of that stuff depends on how you will develop life. Therefore, people who do not care about how they dress, live, on the one hand, hard, and with another — easily.

We take seriously to itself and can be taken seriously to work. But not to be taken seriously all at once.Difficult because they are surrounded by brainwashed idiots, and easily because they do not depend on such prejudices. They will be comfortable regardless of how they are dressed. So, if you wanted to be serious, just to go to the Mall for a strict and restrained outfit.

If it’s important for you to change internally, of course, this will not only help the suit. You also need to look at you as «the tall man»? So, it’s time to act. Of course, first and foremost, you need to develop. You should only fill your head with knowledge. Not just empty facts that are random will be stored in the bins, but really important information.

You don’t need quotes with flowery words that you will flaunt in front of the girl. So, she’ll smile and pretend that she was interested. But if she’s not stupid, then you will forever remain in the friend zone, because this friend think you’re a cheap poser. And rightly so. However, such methods have you will not entice anybody. Well, only if divorced ladies over 45-years.

So, my advice: look to the literature. Yes, that book will help you become more serious. It is an old and proven method. I’m not going to say that you need to read only classics. Conversely, I advise you to refer to different styles of literature. You need to grow your inner critic. This will help you in life.

You’re not going to look at a problem one-sidedly. In your head will always be fresh ideas. These are the people who can easily Orient themselves in any situation and can shut the opponent for its unusual opinion, soon become authorities. I don’t mean crime. Fairness you don’t need. You will silently respect you and will want to be like you. And so, you will look like a «tall man».

Needless to say, not only literature will help to solve your problem. You need to work on their habits. I don’t harmful — they all care. Learn to care for ladies, learn to prioritize, learn to handle money and most importantly — do not overdo it!

Excessive seriousness is the most comical, but excessive modesty is the most bitter irony.In the pursuit of such questionable virtue, such as the severity, you risk being ridiculed. You can totally knit with this image and lose himself. Therefore I advise you again to think carefully on whether this is for you? Ideally be serious in business and at work, but caring and open with the family. I would have wished you to find and keep that line.

Once again, it doesn’t matter what others think of you, strange to you. Importantly, as relates to your friend, family and those people whom you value. No need to be a dunce, but to save face equanimity whatever happens — this is not the best option.

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