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manygoodtips.com_11.08.2014_eKoFv2Tu64uaAProbably the first time in its two-year existence writing about something relevant to the children. On the one hand to the children, the other to the tablets, which are not less rare than a mobile phone or wristwatch.

A kids tablet. On these lines you, my almost friend may be surprised that we can offer you the thing you’ve outgrown. But don’t rush to conclusions if you he stirs up our memory, you will surely find in her backyard memories of nephews, children of friends, and maybe even a few of their own. And after you finish provided memories we hurry to remind you about hundreds of cases, when these same children were destroyed mobile electronics their parents. On the one hand, it is a sacrilege, another expected result.

Back to our inventory — children’s tablet. It is logical that the child will not be able to buy it themselves and you have to help him, the reason for this can be weight: the beginning of the school year, a birthday or just a «for merit to the parents.» With this gift, you can close several problems at once: saving your own a ipad, and not a bad way to teach children the benefit of educational apps for kids now.

It is one thing learning, more fun. If you want the child to grow up in the elimination from all modern trends and innovations, the best gift for him is a classic account, in other cases the child needs the game. Of course, you can spend hours to argue about the harm or benefit of casual toys, but to deny something that’s already a generation that doesn’t remember rotary phones, it is impossible and not strange nothing terrible has happened.

Exactly the same will happen with social networks and mobile games. The child will be more amazing for their peers if she doesn’t know anything about Angry Birds and Facebook.

In General, all this long story about what time he needs with him, he quickly discovers the world of computers and can be make your with blackjack and …

The situation on the market of children’s tablet is quite strange, there are some pieces worth more than 10, 000 and is the point in them disappears, because all these tens of gigabytes of internal memory will remain unclaimed, the metal casing of the risk to spoil your child, and display with incredible resolution will still become worthless during the year.

In General, we tried to find something inexpensive, practical and vandal-resistant. Because of the diversity was found 3 models, priced from 3500 rubles to 5,500 rubles, which differ in internal characteristics and all of them have 7-inch screens and shockproof housings. A nice addition for kids that can restrict access to various resources or immoral just to limit the time spent in the network.

Func Happy Lite-02


What this model can offer a child: first dual-core processor, the operating system version – Android 4.4 KitKat. Have you noticed that children rarely sit still? They are worn on the Playground and then with torn knees and tears go to the nurse. So, if you plan to give your child a tablet, he should at least be equipped with a shockproof case, this is in Func Happy Lite-02. Time of work of this gadget is approximately seven hours, enough to distract the child and he will cry and seek your attention. It is such happiness 3490 rubles.

FUNC HAPPY Online-01


This fancy tablet supports 3G, which gives the opportunity to use it as a phone. With the tablet you can easily make calls and write SMS. You don’t have to look for the child in the wilds of the Playground, will be sufficient to call on the tablet. The key difference from tablets previous generation is a high-quality software for kids, «I Myself». The weight of tablet is very important, especially if this gadget is designed for a child.FUNC HAPPY Online-01 weighs 290g. and 400g., if considered together with a shockproof case that comes in the kit for free.

Func Happy Pro-01


It just so happens that now the children are more advanced in technology than you used to. They are not satisfied with the usual Tetris. That is why Func Happy Pro-01 offers an unlimited selection of Android applications, with which the child can easily and effortlessly learn to read, draw, study tales, foreign languages and master math. Each gadget from the children’s line is equipped with a parental control system, this means that parents can not worry about what a child will visit forbidden sites and can limit time spent online. This tablet, which you yourself would not mind to have, and it costs only 4490 rubles.

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