Chicken chips

manygoodtips.com_22.01.2015_nTRuvnKrKZHMAAll right, man. Enough of us to eat all sorts of food pornography, where a lot of fat, spices, sauces and cholesterol. Although who are we kidding?.. Let’s just take a little break and cook today is very cool, but harmless thing.

Chicken chips, and we are talking about them, contain few carbohydrates, they are very simple and easy to prepare, just three steps. Plus they are fucking delicious. You can use them as a standalone product, and can eat with vegetables, sauces or even to make a salad. Chicken chips – quick and more healthy alternative of fried chicken breast.

Generously sprinkle chicken with spices before baking: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic – use a variety of seasonings to create different nuances of aroma and taste. Bake this dish on the top shelf of the oven and put a fan mode, so the meat is cooked on both sides. It is advisable to eat it all at once while it’s hot. And not keep such food more than two days in the refrigerator.


2 chicken Breasts;

1 teaspoon olive oil;

salt/pepper for flavor.


Step 1: Cut the chicken breast into strips. Something like in the photo.

Step 2: Put sliced pieces on a baking sheet. Don’t forget that it must be foil. Fields meat with olive oil, make sure the two sides were covered with a thin buttery layer. Add the spices.

Step 3: Chicken chips baked in a pre heated oven in the top compartment at a temperature of 200ºC for 10 minutes. Then turn meat to other side and bake it for another five minutes.

Well, actually, everything. We talked quickly, tasty, useful.

Bon appétit, dude!

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