Chelyabinsk official tried to eat a woman

The powers that be sometimes completely buried, especially the petty officials. Here is the head of the settlement Belousovo, in the Chelyabinsk region, tried to attack the woman and bit her arm.

58-year-old officer by the name of Kovalev celebrated a holiday, when he noticed from the window of his car the woman who run. It was 34-year-old Galina S. Officials tried to invite a woman to his a drunken stupor with the subsequent continuation, but Galina wasn’t exactly in the spirit, so gently turned him down. For that she almost got hit by a car.

But drunk bureaucrat did not want to deviate: he grabbed Galina by the neck and dug their teeth into her finger. Freed, the woman was helped by passers-by.

She talks about the assault as follows:

He went at me and began to shout: «I am the head, I — Kovalev! What is this beautiful woman running around in here?», — told Life News Galina Sec. — I quickly called my husband and specifically said loudly, to make it faster came. Kovalev heard it and sat back in the car. I thought he was behind me… But he pulled away, turned and drove right at me. I was so scared that knock now, only a few centimeters between us!

Kovalev grabbed the woman’s arm with such violence that it broke a tooth from zeal. He now sits in custody, and Galina testifying.

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