Chelyabinsk Jesus


Recently about religion comes not from the hand, but we are, after all, still somehow offend the believer, even in the temple to dance do not have.

There are many people who suffer from a terrible love to change the names. Easy form — change nicknames in social networks, blozhikah, heavy form — change of name in the passport. And this guy from the stern of the city damaged by the meteorite, Chelyabinsk, form extremely difficult.

49-year-old man was once Vyacheslav, but it seemed to him unworthy, so he humbly changed his name… Yeshua Ben Mariam El Messiah (Jesus, son of Mary, the Messiah). Now the man really is Jesus.

Earlier, ex-Vyacheslav changed its name five times. Previous names are unknown to us. He also said that all his life he felt the presence beside him of the Holy spirit, and now decided that you want to join in it even more, so to speak, to its roots. Now he wants to travel to Israel,… their historic homeland.

The amazing world of…

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