Cheesy self-help: the poor ways to help yourself

Again, it’s time to quote the old man Carlin: «Self-help is not help. If you did it yourself, you don’t need help!» More than logical! Often we cannot get what we want. Why is this happening? Why are we trying to do something, but nothing happens? We all have a purpose in life. Even the most simple — live to see tomorrow. This is also the goal, anyway! We’re trying to get out of some situations, trying to help yourself and find help from other people. But we have still nothing happens. Why? Because we, frankly, are extremely shitty ways to help yourself. And dude, if you did it yourself, you don’t need help!

1. Read motivational articles and books and hope that everything will change

For lovers to write a comment in the spirit of «But this is an article on the guide to action» note that this is not the case. This article is a recommendation for action, and to accept or not accept is up to the person. Why the need for all these books, type «Help yourself»? In order to understand how to get out of the situation if you first met her. This is another point of view. Often we focus only on your vision of the world and completely forget that someone can be your diametrically opposed approach to the problem, realizing that, we will figure out what to do on their own.

Article we need it in order to read, to think about them and apply to the situation. To read and to think that all change is not effective. It just sounds so stupid, in fact very many do! Change is very difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to even change the bad habits and traits, but if some experience in matters of changing yourself, everything becomes easier.

2. To think that talking to someone will help

Sometimes talking helps, but not as much as we think. There are people who love to complain, they dumped on the other person’s negativity and trouble, and then sigh with relief, because «shared». The problem is that the problem is not solved. Few people follow the advice that they were given close. The purpose of the conversation is always to tell.

Besides, people always say things. As in the previous case, you shouldn’t shift responsibility for your life onto someone else. Get advice and then think to use it or not!

3. To think that everything will happen by itself

You chose the perfect way in order to change something in your life or to get out of the situation. You think that’s enough? Nothing happens just so, you should always do. Sometimes, of course, there are cases where someone decides for you, but it won’t last forever, at least for the simple reason that «the wizard of the blue helicopter» probably will bother to solve the problems of infantile guy who himself cannot deal with his situation. So feet in hands and forward — to solve problems!

4. To think that others will judge what you did or did not do

It seems that bad is associated with the General mood of the text, but it is actually logically makes sense. No matter what we do, to think in the process of translating your plan into action that will think about you other people, a crazy idea. When we find ourselves in a very bad situation, we start to think about how to treat other people. «Dad once again say that I’m a moron!», «Vova says: «I told you so!»», «Friends will laugh at me!». Instead go to target or to get out of the shit in which you have built for yourself, and you look around at other people, look at their reaction and tried his best not to strike in a dirt the person. Just do what is done, and never look back!

5. Are you waiting for «your star»appears

I am not good in astrology, but, really, is to wait for the right moment? Is the position of Venus in Sagittarius will give you the opportunity to do something or not to do the right thing? Often you just need to do. It is difficult to understand what point would be appropriate, unless, of course, is more or less clear (for example, when food from the oven to pull out). In life the right time does not happen, there are good moments, but the most successful is the moment when you started to do. This does not mean that you have to do everything without training, preparation is important. But why sit on the already prepared base in anticipation of that special moment? In a pinch there’s always something to finish!

6. Affirmations — complete shit without action

«I can!» «You are the most charming and attractive!», «You are precise, beautiful, and you’ll get the job, no matter what!» All this affirmations are short phrase, supposedly fixed in our subconscious mind certain attitudes, which is necessary to achieve great success. Say them aloud, sing, remember and are trying to apply in life to set yourself on the right footing. However, most people forget that no matter how good was the phrase, without active action, it’s just as useless as any phrase that you can sing in front of a mirror. Seriously, what distinguishes the constant mumbling in front of the mirror of the phrase «I lobster» by mumbling «I’ll do it!»? By the way, I do not believe in the power of affirmations. Ugly girl doesn’t make her more beautiful, klutz not be more prosharenny dude, but they will become very annoying confidence in what they have.

You’ve done nothing, really nothing

You can usually do without a long rassusolivanie problems. If something goes wrong, ask yourself what you did to fix it? Too often, we make sure that we didn’t do anything that could help to cope with the situation. We didn’t do anything for themselves or frankly not finish. You quarrel with your girlfriend? Why do you need something to read, someone to ask, if you haven’t done anything yet? First you need to make something yourself, and then ask for help. Of course, we should not forget that this type of behaviour is irrelevant to situations when you want to eat a grizzly bear. Why not ask someone on assistance in special situations?

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