Cheese balls are an awesome snack to beer!


Once we edited sat in the noble pub, drinking beer (well, drinking). A beer would be nice good snack! Scoring on our eternal male diet (i.e. little to follow the diet in the absence of close us friends), we decided to find a vast array of appetizers with something decent. Nuggets, nachos, chips, fish, meats… cheese balls! What nonsense is this — cheese balls? We tried, and we wildly liked, so we got the recipe and decided to tell you.

Generally, the cheese balls are suitable for any kind of drink (with rare exceptions): wine, beer, whiskey… All depends on what kind of cheese you take.

So, you need 500 grams of hard cheese — grated, of course. Can as hero, to RUB yourself, but I can be real lazy and buy the already grated cheese.

The cheese we will need 3-4 eggs, spices and flour (2-3 tbsp. for the dough, and the same to roll balls).

Mix the cheese, eggs, spices and flour. With a spoon make balls, to make them smoother, take them on a cutting Board, roll them in flour. Now the final stage: if you want a snack, you can a reservation be called a diet, not obvalivat balls in flour, and just stick them in the oven (in the form, of course). If you want the balls were delicious, fried in oil.

Pleasant to you, buddy!

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