Che Guevara: a perfect man era

In the category «Heroes», we wrote about artists, businessmen, sportsmen, but never wrote about real heroes, whose life is a tribute to the ideals and struggle for justice. You say you came out a superhero? Well, Che Guevara was. Take a minute skepticism, let’s look at his life, not notorious Cuban revolution, to be sure. Che is not just a guy who’s been running around the jungle with a gun, and was awarded a place on the shirt. It’s something more.


manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_aCmvguM64NOYxErnesto Rafael «Che» Guevara Lynch de La Serna was born in Argentina and hot had nothing to do with Cuba until the revolution. His blood raged crazy mixture of blood, where, in addition to different nationalities, different classes mixed. The mother descended from an old aristocratic family, and his father was a descendant of the Creoles, and one of the fugitive Irish rebel. So clearly, at whose feet went a little Ernesto. Mother inherited a good plantation, the famous mate, and yet she, the darling of the Argentine Bohemia, communicated with artists and troubadours, her husband, graduated to it from the architect in landowners, mindful of their roots (which were similar to the roots of the plantation workers), started the workers to pay wages not food, as was the custom, and money.

Neighboring plantation owners, did not like reform the young boy’s ass, as workers, realizing where the conditions sweeter massively defected to the plantation de La Serna. But the intrigues of the planters was stronger, and the family had to move to the second largest city is famous for Argentina – Rosario, where he was born Ernesto. There the family opened a factory for the processing of Yerba mate, but, alas, did not. The crisis broke out, and the factory went bankrupt, after which Rafael Guevara is the father of Four – had sworn never ever to do business. When he heard the news that Che became Minister of the Cuban economy, he just laughed and said that can’t be good that the family of Guevara is a very bad economists.

Eventually the family moved to Cordoba, but not because of financial difficulties – there was another reason. Little Ernesto went with his nurse to the river, but lost my balance and fell into the icy water, getting the rest of the heroic life unpleasant souvenir in the form of asthma. That is asthma prevented the ardent revolutionary to be a great orator, he was a man of action. Although, admittedly, part of it was good, as evidenced by his letters. Anyway, to cheer his comrades during the battle was a loss for words.

If you look at the illustrious family of Guevara will carefully, it becomes clear why this inflamed sense of justice and desire for eternal struggle. Look at Argentina the days of childhood Th – a kind piece of Europe in the wild in Latin America. In addition to a hot tango, it was famous for its incredibly advanced economy, so that in 1930 became one of the richest countries. This attracted millions of immigrants, mostly from Italy and Spain, who professed the principles of classical fascism. The leader of Argentina Juan Peron also supported the Nazis, what was agree the older Guevara. In their house often dined generals who have been volunteers in the civil war in Spain and who were told about the horrors reigning in the Pyrenees. That’s when Che started to have an opinion. Guevara was a kind of opposition, strongly criticized the political regime. The benefit did not hold high posts: Raphael was a contractor, and Celia… And Celia was that girl, the dream of the troubadours, and it is believed that one of the ideologists of feminism in Argentina. Well, is it possible to grow a normal person in such a rebellious family? However, Che was always a little crazy.

How tempered character

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_v7ycu26LPzJJXIf you start trembling with indignation at every injustice then you are my friend.

How can an asthmatic with regular bouts to do sports, sending away the prohibition of the doctor? Erence could and so most of the time spent playing Rugby for the local team. Here and tempered iron, and in between Che ran to his bag for a rescue inhaler. Then Ernesto appeared first nickname, which he loved – Pig. Not because of stubbornness and madness on the Rugby field, and because of one feature that our hero isn’t very decorated. As you remember, growing up, Ernesto was sad contact with water, which not only gave him asthma, but ruined health. So there are references to other qualities, which are famous for these animals.

His famous nickname «Che» that has become a brand, he received much later from the new Cuban friends. The stories emerge – like the pigeons on the monument to Pushkin. One of «Che» – the Argentine interjection used to call attention to others in the early replica, stripped down form of the verb «ezine» (listen), that is the equivalent of our «Hey», Ernesto repeated each time. For this habit of the Cubans called her Comandante «Che». In addition, the word «che» in the world ispanogovoryashchikh called everyone who was born in Argentina. And Che loved to use in his speech strong language. So do not be surprised at the words of parasites.

But thanks to the parent education Che was a strong sense of justice. So at the dance handsome Guevara was always trying to bring happiness to ugly girls inviting them to dance.

With girls he was fine. In his youth he had planned to marry the daughter of one of the richest landowners of the province of Cordoba. True, he did not like his future father-in-law, as it was a soiree in the shabby clothes and shaggy that contrasted with the offspring of wealthy families who sought her hand, and with the typical appearance of the Argentine young people of the time. Their relationship was prevented by the desire of the human to devote his life to treating lepers of South Americans, anyway, too spoiled a girl to be the wife of a revolutionary.

However, the relationship of Che and a female says this phrase:

The man doesn’t have his whole life to live with only one woman. The man was simply an animal, imposing this restriction, which, however, he regularly violates the hiding or in the open.

Their wives, Four were found in the campaign. There he found his only official wife, Aleida March, who gave him four children. And how many military friends – history is silent.

Studied Che bad, studying only what he liked. «Talented Trinity» – so-called biographers. Despite poor grades, he spoke fluent French and read Sartre in the original.

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_p8oQW3iF4sgLjLater they will meet and will talk for a long time, after which Sartre called him «the intellectual and the most perfect human being of our age». But it’s later and travels to Buenos Aires, where he decides to study to be a doctor. Propaganda attributed this impulse is the desire to help people. In fact, he just wanted to know the secret of his tortured treatment of asthma. However, the study captures not so much as a thirst for travel and fashionable political trends. First thirst he satisfied, as a sailor on a cargo ship oil from Argentina, visited the island of Trinidad and in British Guiana.

And then there was a legendary journey through Latin America with his friend, the doctor-leprologia Alberto Granado. Yes, he was treated for leprosy is such a bad skin disease, and not from the famous site. He wanted to visit a leper colony on the continent, and Th followed him. Together fun. Ditching the road bike, they traveled literally hitchhiking, trying to mate and fantasizing about the future at the site of sacrifice in Machu Picchu, treated peasants, many times over tired, haggard look was detained by the police. About one of the detention there of the bike. While in Brazil, the police learned that tourists from Argentina has put a condition that they would release the prisoners if they will prepare a local team to the district championship. The fact that in the early 50’s two largest football States of America was Uruguay and Argentina. Apparently, the Brazilians believed that in Argentina all played. It was, Ernesto was playing in the city team, though infrequently left in the field all the damn asthma. Surprisingly, the asthmatic Guevara trained to win.

On this journey, filmed a great movie «Che Guevara: the motorcycle Diaries». He shot on those records which were conducted by the Che during the trip. Great guide happened, I tell you. But not because of travel pay attention to. After him, admiring how the rich oppress the poor, Che began an active interest in the revolutionary right.


manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_aSBxk9LTn3c57Hasta la victoria siempre. Patria o muerte.Before you go down in history as a fighter for justice, Che was pereobulsya with all the revolutionaries of Latin America, travelled to Guatemala, where he disliked the local authority, moved to Mexico and worked as a lab assistant, porter, watchman, wrote articles, read like crazy, talked to people, until he came to the Castro brothers. Ernesto didn’t care who to fight. It can not help thinking about the success of the world revolution. Inspired by the speeches of one of the most brilliant orators in history, Che has agreed to fight for him is completely foreign island. However, it is unknown who made a big impression: on Fidel, Che, or Vice versa. The squad needed a doctor, and Che agreed with the Marina to the already leaves the vessel with sweet and eloquent title of «Granma» («Grandmother»).

During the voyage from Guevara had an attack of asthma. All immediately thought that you need to send painful the doctor back on dry land, but Che insisted, bravely hiding the seizures that wracked his lungs throughout the war.

To write about a victorious revolution is a thankless task. This you know all about that. Didn’t serve in the army, became one of the best field commanders of the revolution. He was strict but fair. Traitors were shot, the heroes rewarded. Based on personal experience, wrote a treatise «guerrilla war» about how two rusty guns to make peace in the world. So, if you think to stage a coup, read the manual.

When in Cuba peace and justice, a charismatic leader and field commander has become something of a pop star. Che, this situation is not like that. He was drawn into battle in the jungle, to fight injustice. The post of Minister of economy, did not bring pleasure. He got his chance. Just when Fidel asked if there was any among them economists, Che raised his hand because he heard «the Communists». However, to give up, he did not. But all attempts to sell the sugar, the visits to friendly countries (including the USSR) had disappointed him completely. Not that he waited even longer to sign up bright the name «Stalin II». He considered himself a true Marxist, one of the last. He was drawn into the fray, into the midst in the Inferno. Accusing the USSR of imperialism, convinced that after the revolution it is taken by bureaucrats, not revolutionaries, he’s going to fight for justice in the Congo.

After the revolution, are not revolutionaries. It makes technocrats and bureaucrats. And they are counter – revolutionaries.But then came failure. If you put monkeys behind a typewriter, sooner or later they will print Shakespeare. If you give the Congolese the guns, they will shoot themselves. With this discipline and with this approach, not to make a revolution, and he turned his gaze to Bolivia.

Ah, Bolivia! One of the most ridiculous and poorest Latin American countries: the poor peasants and the jungle. However, this time the heroic fuse is not enough. The Bolivian army was actively supported by instructors from the United States. The forces were too unequal, and the peasants, recognizing that freedom is supposed to be to fight, ran from the squad. Intelligence network had failed, everything’s a threat, and needless to say the detachment was ambushed. Put almost all of What survived. Being unarmed, wounded, he cried during the arrest of the legendary:

«Don’t shoot! I am Che Guevara and I’m worth more alive than dead.»It is clear that the CIA tried to question him and find out where are the others. But if you believe in their cause, if in your veins flows not blood, but real courage, you have nothing to fear. Rather, the Bolivians were afraid of him, than he them. Even in captivity, dangerous beast. Even during interrogation. So Che has hit the Bolivian officer Espinosa into a wall, after he entered the school, trying to wrench the breath from Smoking Che up as a souvenir for myself. In another instance of defiance, Guevara spat in the face of Bolivian rear Admiral Ugarteche tried to ask him questions for a few hours before the execution.

A few minutes before the execution, one of the soldiers guarding it asked Che if he’s thinking about his immortality.

«No,’ replied Che, I’m thinking about the immortality of the revolution.»It is believed that the unfortunate Sergeant Teran, which fell by lot to execute Th, received from ardent revolutionary canonical sentence:

I know you came to kill me. Shoot. Do it. Shoot me, you coward! You kill only human!But trust me, Che was a very calm and balanced. It is quite easy to communicate with soldiers, she didn’t lose control even once spent the night in the room where lay the two bodies of his comrades. Here’s a fierce man. Therefore, Ernesto Rafael «Che» Guevara Lynch de La Serna told his trembling executioner, «be Calm and aim well. Now you kill the man.» Still, the commander is more than just a man. However, this does not help, rather, even more scared of Teran, who first put a bullet in hands and feet, and then – in the chest.

«There was no man, which the CIA feared would be more than Che Guevara because he had the capacity and charisma necessary to direct the struggle against the political repression of the traditional hierarchies in power in Latin America.»

Philip Agee, a CIA agent who escaped to Cuba

Life after death

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2015_BEz6If7zddwhUTell Fidel that the revolution is not over, she still wins! Tell Aleida, may marry again, be happy, and make sure children are well studied. And order the soldiers to aim well.Now the name of Che Guevara shrouded in an aura of heroism. Absolutely deserved. It can be considered a murderer, a sadist, a fool, but one didn’t blame him: he was incredibly honest. But intelligence and honesty, backed by a brilliant intellect and courage, have that same «Superman» was talking about Sartre. The last romantic of the revolution, it captures the whole world, even those against whom he fought, because he crystal clear motives. He didn’t need power. He really wanted to see justice. But apparently, in this world justice is impossible, and anyone who is fighting for it, die proudly, like Che himself. That is what Che is worthy of respect. These people are very, very small, but they are vital to this lost world.

Now, Che Guevara is a brand. But it would be nice for people who wear t-shirts with its symbols, to know what it was for.

In the town of La Igarra, where he was shot, Th is locally revered saints «San Ernesto de La Higuera», the book Pelevin his spirit exposes the motives of human activities, and in General, What is the true spirit shrouded in a romantic twist of the Cuban Revolution. Well, the main proof that people loved the commander, is creativity. And confirmation that not only was the cult the Cuban photographer Korda, but hundreds of sad songs, the most famous of which is that, in the performance of Callosa Pueblo.

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