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manygoodtips.com_19.03.2015_65m1qX4qPSmbKWe are the generation that understands the importance of immediacy, and we are able to easily share their emotions with others. It is easier to build a relationship, despite the fact that we are torn by internal contradictions and paradoxes. Almost every one of us is sure that he’s great, but experiencing an acute lack of confidence. Perhaps the popularity of social networks is that we, unlike past generations, seeking to communicate with the world and to generously share with him their experiences. And if your fellow peers you communicate during working hours on Skype, it is likely that those who stand higher up the career ladder, and those who are much older than you in age, I prefer all the necessary information to convey in person.

Deep down we are drawn to the past time, listening to classics of the year, I admire the wisdom and insight of outstanding people, many of whom are no longer alive, I miss ‘ 90s and some literally wear vintage clothes from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Nevertheless, we moved on and got stuck in a new form of communication, where online conversations, short messages and General chat rooms long replaced the classic voice dialogue. But, in fact, it is an essential factor that determines your progression up the career ladder. It is not necessary to panic if you can’t see the blinking cursor on the screen.

If you want to build proper communication with their employer, develop communication skills in real time, these changes will not go unnoticed and will give a few points ahead of peers. Use your positive traits to impress.

To get started just look, because it contributes to the development of conversational skills. We understand that the sound of your voice is beautiful music, but nobody likes trolls in real life, so be polite and don’t interrupt. You know that silence is Golden, and the two expensive and. So when you walk into a room filled with people who feel compelled to tell you about how they’re doing, become a sponge that absorbs information that goes from the mouth of the interlocutor in your ears. Listen and analyze, even for empty idle talk can be a lot to learn about the person – you just need to listen.

No one competes with you during a conversation. Does not have to be Chandler Bing and to let go of sarcastic jokes and sarcastic comments after every heard of the phrase – nobody is keeping score. Trust me, this may seem only funny the first dozen times, then it begins to tire. In my head the questions arise: «Damn, this dude knows how to properly respond? Is it so difficult to answer the question without such a background?» As already mentioned, just listen and analyze, just don’t switch off consciousness. Nod and smile and answer appropriate questions to show that you listen and hear.

Less technology – more real people in real time. Do not be surprised if one day you forget how to use their vocal cords, and even having dinner in a cafe with a girl, starts to write her message to ask something. Of course, we are exaggerating, but you understand the essence. Communication face to face is not difficult. Read this article and ask your colleagues, you nasty, if he wants to go with you to a nearby cafeteria for lunch.

If you don’t know what to say, at least this conversation has the potential to be interesting. In offline conversations button is missing from Google. So if you don’t know how to respond, just ask a clarification question, it will not expose you ignorant fool. Expression of interest, as a common courtesy, it helps to continue the conversation. Plus it’s a chance to learn something new.

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