Charming Lily Donaldson

Lily Donaldson has become the famous top model by accident, nor, of course, primarily due to its external data, which is what drew the attention of one representative of the modeling agencies, faced with the young beauty in the store. Shortly after this incident, 16-year-old girl has signed a contract to participate in advertising campaigns of famous fashion brands and shot for British Vogue.

This was followed by fashion week in new York, Paris, Milan. The model showed on the catwalk creations of famous couturiers and charmed by its beauty and grace of the audience. Of course, she was among a new generation of supermodels, her face began to appear frequently on the covers of glamorous magazines as French Vogue put her on the list of thirty best top models of the 2000s years.

Charming Lily Donaldson, now one of the most sought after and highly paid models in the world. The daughter of a photographer from childhood, she learned the lessons of proper behavior in front of the camera that really helped her in life and now famous photographers enjoy working with the star of the fashion business. It is really magical and beautiful, and created for the camera, and each photo shoot is a beautiful sight and aesthetic pleasure.

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