Charming girlfriend in a jiffy

how to charm a womanThanks to researchers, we now know how and when to exercise, what to eat, how to sleep, how to acquire new skills and habits — in short, they greatly simplify our lives. Moreover, the boys went a step further and help us to make even such a complex task as building relationships. They found that the impression on the girls and instantly awakens their interest.

1. To do with her something, from which captures the spirit

We fall for the wrong people, but how we feel around them. We find it difficult to Express their feelings and even more so for them to find a reason, but in associative thinking we are the Asses. If being next to you, girl feel like she is breathtaking as she is interested and excited, she will associate those emotions with your persona. Very strange, but some researchers have the courage to say that even attempted murder can awaken the woman’s interest, but who decides that? Hot suggest to refrain.

It turns out that love is not no love, but something like an adrenaline addiction. Maybe not very romantic, but it works. Many even resorted to this knowledge, to strengthen the relationships that fall apart: begin to engage in along with something unusual and interesting. Riding a roller coaster or doing climbing, you will strengthen your mutual love.

2. Be careful

Very good quality — to be prudent, attentive, and focused on results. Such people make excellent second half and even parents — but unscrupulous asshole more sexual partners. It is believed that, by investing in quality, on-mountain get and volume.

Want she really chose you? Be attentive to her. Want a lot of women? Then be uncooperative and inconsiderate of others. Such people often change, by the way. Here already everyone has his own priority, a common solution is not given.

3. Talk to her about personal

Talk about anything with your crush is a bad idea. Why? The topic of conversation means a lot. When you share something personal, it strengthens the emotional bond between you and reinforces sympathy.

One day, the psychologist on the name stony brook worried as that between men there is a closeness. He gathered men and women and created relations between them, according to their proximity to remind the friendship of a lifetime. How? These people within the allotted hours asking each other 36 specific questions about the personal (will have to look for them and share with you guys).

So that woman that you have kinds, you should ask about intimate and serious, and share their secrets.

4. Tell her she is interesting to you

Want to make a woman think about yourself? Tell me what you think a lot of it! When we fall in love, an important factor for us is reciprocity. Identifying another person of interest, we begin to be interested in them.

The schema is the same as when you’re happy. Make it seems that usually girls are hard to gain your attention, but you treat her with particular enthusiasm. It will not stand!

5. Make her laugh

Humor is attractive to both men and women — but in different ways. Women like men who can make them laugh, while men appreciate women who laugh at their jokes.

And dudes, and friends say that I appreciate in the opposite sex good sense of humor, but mean different things. Girlfriend in this honest of men: they just love it when a joke is funny. Dudes are the true peasant vanity, expecting on their jokes will giggle. What can you do, such is the nature of man. Calms only that the mindset women are better equipped to take a joke, and the men to joke. Ever wondered why so few women comedians?

Why is humor attractive? Good joke requires intelligence, and intelligence is attractive. The more developed the intellect and the better you know the word, the better you get to joke. So don’t waste time, learn to laugh ladies!

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